Deprogramming Scientologese

British Mom

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I tend to slip into and out of the use of the Scio language, I too have made a conscious effort to not use the lingo but it is to some degree always there even if only a shade of it. Probably more stuff like, cycle of action, ARC, new unit of time etc, etc...they have tended to stick.

The rest is lessening.


Yes, I would say it takes time. I sort of deprogramme myself. I stopped using the Scientology terms & replace with real life words. Then read information about people whom I had known & knew that the information they were giving was true as I had seen it for myself.

By even after 17/18 years of being out, the terms still slip into my mind at times, then I realised it & change them. OMG do I hate Hubbard, Miscavage & Scientology.

I have never hated anyone in my life, but with what they have done to Mandy I do now, with a vengance. :yes::angry::angry::angry: