Details Of My Visit With The FBI, In 1997, to Discuss Scientology...

Smurf, please consider this... Those that are critical of the Truth, should not try to distract or interrupt the person that is telling the Truth. Its bad manners.

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Darth Xander was recently successful having an arrest reviewed. But the officer did act on Scientology's word in the first place in handcuffing Xander and taking him for a ride.

And that officer was suspended & received an official reprimand. Charges against Xander were dropped. :)


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It's not asinine, at times it has been true but even today Scientology paying handsomely both off-duty CPD and the LAPD officers as "private security" for their buildings and at events does buy them quite a bit of "goodwill" and leverage within the department. If it didn't you can bet your ass the cult wouldn't do it, they have plenty of SO slaves who can do security free of charge.

Cops love the extra dough they make moonlighting easy gigs for private companies, and the cult is a particularly sweet cash cow for them. It causes a definite conflict of interest for the police officers who develop business relationships with the cult and then when on-duty they are called to respond to issues at cult facilities. I promise you if a cop XYZ didn't behave in a manner the cult liked when he was on-duty and called to handle a matter at Flag, cop XYZ would find his extra income moonlighting for the cult drying up toot sweet.

A cop who went the extra mile to harass a legal protest or found some way to arrest a critic for some ridiculous cause would probably be set for years getting sweet gigs at Flag events. Working as private security also allows SO personnel to get to know the cops and develop a personal relationship with them, making it easier for cops to "see things their way" when issues arise that necessitate LEO to respond.

That does not mean the entire police department was "bought & paid for" by the cult. The cop that "went the extra mile to harass a legal protest" was later suspended & received an official reprimand in his personnel file. Anyone that has worked in law enforcement will tell you that is not good, especially if the cop is a rookie & still on his 2-year probation status.. as this cop was. The reprimand will weigh against him in promotions & performance bonuses.

It is no different in Clearwater than I've personally experienced here in LA with the LAPD. There are LAPD cops who are moonlighting & working for the cult on events who believe they are beholden to do what the cult wants.. and protesters received alot of grief in the years that Anonymous made it's presence known to Scientology, but those cops got a huge wake-up call when they realized that anons did not sit on their ass & take this abuse quietly.

Hell was raised with the LAPD & City officials, sometimes requiring the use of attorneys to force their hand. Over the years, police attitudes changed & the Scilons recognized they no longer had as much pull over officers as they did before.. because higher-ups stepped in & changed policy.

Some critics here may recognize ex-Scilon/Clearwater resident/outspoken SP Dee Findlay.

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What ! Smurfy I thought you hated ME the most! :sadsigh:

Tsk. Tsk.. Edward. You're my favorite whack job. As Tattoo used to say on Fantasy Island, "ze ears.. ze ears..."



In 1997, I visited the FBI for the first time in Calif. The Scientology wrecking machine had been doing their usual & I was frustrated that the Cult apparently could ruin my life with impunity.

I spoke with an FBI Agent. His first question was..."Whats this about, drugs?". The FBI likes that low hanging fruit. When I replied, "Its about Scientology". He looked at me as if I had just told him I had backed into his car in the parking lot.

Long story short, this was his response..."It's hard to prove". I thought to true, & in a world with Scientology, freedom is also hard to preserve.

His next thoughts were..."Write a book & spread the word". I'm doing that. The Book is in the works, right after I codify 50 years of Scientology scams, abuse, & criminal activity. It's a big job...but I can handle it.

Yeah, an FBI agent told you to write a book. Um hum. That was his 'thought' or what he said? You have this thing of lots of claims, and zero dox. In another forum, you were called out on lack of dox, and said there was just so much, and the forum couldn't really handle it. Yet, to this day, zero dox. I call BS.


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Unpleasant Scientology manipulated clutter, silly nonsensical replies, & verbal attacks, to this Post, are standard Scientology manipulated blather. Scientology always tries to obscure, suppress, & invalidate what they know to be the truth. The truth being known, "louses up the game" of the Scientology Criminal Enterprise.

LRH infamously said..."Never defend...always attack".

I'm convinced, at 40 cents a hour & with the threat of a DM beating hanging over their head, Scientology sympathizers haven't a choice but to do the Cult's dirty work.

How are these attempts to obscure the truth really working out? These days, I find, that its almost impossible to find, any person, outside of the Cult, who doesn't recognize Scientology as a Covert Criminal Evil Organization that is masquerading as a "Religion".:thumbsup::thumbsup:


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Unpleasant Scientology manipulated clutter, silly nonsensical replies, & verbal attacks, to this Post, are standard Scientology manipulated blather. Scientology always tries to obscure, suppress, & invalidate what they know to be the truth.

Your issues are quite evident.


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I also had a chat with an FBI case officer, (ca. 2012). It turned into an educational session with me explaining what were, (to me) the most basic aspects of the $cientology Kult and where he could get more info.

Also had chats with the local PD and Sheriff back when I was concerned about Kult retaliation and Black PR against me. It felt weird talking to the Sheriff but I realized it was on me to provide facts about the criminal Kult of $cientology. Basically explained my situation and possible scenario's and showed that retaliation had happened before to others who speak out against the Kult. Showed him where to get more information. I'm grateful to the guy, he was professional and pleasant and was taking me quite seriously. So get out there and do it if you have the slightest inclination to do so.

If you're ex-S.O. or ex-Staff you have a wealth of data these people should know.