Diagnosis Murder episode


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I have just been watching an episode from 2000-01.

There is a cult featured called Earthomy.

They have a founder who likes writing and owns a luxury boat.

A member who is a well known film star.

A dirty tricks department.

Dick Van Dyke pretending that he would like to join is invited to hold hands with a machine that is checking him and the space around him.

Members are expected to make generous contributions.

Staff members have a monk type uniform to wear and are given promises to keep their loyalty.

What real organistion could Earthomy be refering to?

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Fun to watch due to the Scientology basis. The earth globe in the founder's office was a nice touch, too bad they didn't have a pack of KOOL's.

One of Dick Van Dyke's lines is: "You know, they have an excellent class in here on communications........."

"Barry is most famous for Diagnosis Murder (1993-2002). He played Steve Sloan, a Manhattan detective whose physician dad (Dick Van Dyke, naturally) keeps stumbling upon murders. They investigate, along with a team of doctors, detectives, and pathologists, usually of the young hunk variety: Charlie Schlatter, Scott Baio, Shane Van Dyke, and so on."

"This was a gay-free Manhattan, so there weren't any gay characters, except for an episode which parodied Scientology and had a closeted gay actor as a suspect. But the beefcake and buddy-bonding were enough."

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