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Dick Glass

Discussion in 'Reconnecting with Old Friends' started by Aliceinwonderland, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. Aliceinwonderland

    Aliceinwonderland Patron with Honors

    Wow! I had no idea. I wonder if he ever had had any kids or anything. He had told me that he was going to marry someone back in 1974 or 75 (I don't remember exactly). I don't even know if he really married her. He seemed to be attracted to pretty and young women, for the most part. He had enough charisma and charm to attract a few in spite of his weight.

    I wonder if he had quietly left the church without actually being declared or anything. Sounds like through the years, he may have become a little disillusioned, but I don't know.

  2. Cherub

    Cherub Back from the Dead

    Hi All
    I saw this thread some weeks ago, but had to go out of town. Yes, Dick died on July 30, 1992. His service was held a few days later with many of his old friends giving speeches, including Heber. Disk's wonderful "You can't stop Tommorrow" was played over and over and all had a tear in their eyes. Eulogies etc etc. The Eloquent Elephant, indeed! I'd met him at CC in 1972 or so, through Yvonne Gilliam.

    I also knew DG very well for the past few years prior to his passing, was hanging with him right up to his end and inherited some of his records and heard that some of his short stories were around which the executor promised to publish but which of course never happened. Would be interesting to pull everything out, I still have the full recording of the Funeral service, should anyone actually be interested (in the Service, not who I am :) )

    He left no children he knew about <lol>. He last was doing marketing via the computer and as usual helping everyone he could. He'd not left Church but was very unhappy at his treatment of being offloaded because of the diabetes / amputation occuring as a result of never being able to get leave to seek medical help. Fortunately, his old musician's insurance covered incredibly costly bills. He also was very unsatisfied with all his stuff being lost or damaged in SO storage, when he came back to retrieve things. While he was not declared, passed in good standing (else Heber wouldnt have come) he was generally abandoned because of his infirmaty -- after something like 20 years of unconditional service.

    I am so sorry, Dick. Yeah, it was no different for Don Breeden who invented the eMeter or for so many of the super faithful but "now-old" SO who were shunted off to old age homes to die completely alone. Way to go, LRH.

    Dick was indeed survived by a long lost brother, who'd been separated from him near birth and they'd discovered each other some years earlier.

    All in all, he was a real crazy great friend and reading your posts got me real nostalgic and I played Dick's music for a few hours -- I miss him greatly. I will try to find a place to upload for those who wish, to hear his great music.

    The Cherub
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  3. Aliceinwonderland

    Aliceinwonderland Patron with Honors

    How cool Cherub - thanks for writing all that. Is there any way I can get some of his music? He actually had written a song for me (at least he said it was for me). Something about racing across the stars - I only heard it once while he sang it to me, personally. I was one of those "pretty" little things he liked and unfortunately, I couldn't totally return the flow. I tried, but just wasn't up to looking past the body at that time. I had only been in Scn for about 8 months or so and wasn't very aware or flexible in that area.

    Plus, when I left the S.O. after 3 months, he wouldn't talk to me and said he couldn't because I was in treason. I was so new that I didn't understand this and so I totally ARC broke with him.

    About 6 months later, he found out I was paying off my freeloaders debt and he came to where I was living. The strangest thing was he told me that on the day I left the S.O. was the day he was going to propose to me. That was strange to me, at the time, because we had only gone out a couple of times.

    What's really funny or coincidental is that 5 years before I ever got into Scn, I had seen Dick doing some sort of organizing for a night club called West End in Hollywood. A guy I was dating at that time was doing some construction work. I saw Dick walking around and talking to someone. He had rather long frizzy hair in a poney tail and he was still quite overweight and what a frickin "grouch"! - lol!!

    Well, I guess he was right - we most likely had some past "beingnesses" together to pull each other in the way we did.

    While its a bit silly to wish, there's a part of me that wishes I knew where he had gone to back in the late 80's. Would have been great to talk to him again.

    Thanks for the memory lane, Cherub :).

  4. Cherub

    Cherub Back from the Dead

    In the early 90s I seem to remember him telling me about someone he met again, years later after he was just about ready to propose marraige (years earlier) -- how crazy he was about her, said he'd knew her when she was young. He really loved you, girl :clap:

    The amputation didnt occur until late on the chain, so to speak :) in the last 1.5 years or so. I'd visited him and spent time with him in the hospital.

    As to his music your story has really touched me and I will endeavor to find what song it was. It will mean my attempt to contact the executor and person who got his music library 16 years ago, but I will try. Here's an excerpt from Dick's Will, which I personaly retrieved from his computer after his death, and which may be meaningful:

    "I wish my body to be cremated and the ashes disposed of, as convenient, on Trout Lake in the Warm Springs wilderness, Oregon. "

    It is my understanding that the executor, Steve Canon, did in fact carry out Dick's last wish :) Thank you, Steve -- where ever you are now.

    Here is the flyer for the Service:

    Celebrity Centre International

    Memorial Service
    August 2, 1992


    Born: June 2, 1940 Troy, New York
    Died: July 30, 1992 Los Angeles, California

    Opening Song - "You Can't Stop Tomorrow"

    Master Of Ceremonies: Welcome to all

    "About the Author" - by Dick Glass

    To Dick - poem by Barbara Cordova

    Music by Dick Glass:
    "You Can't Stop Tomorrow"
    RCA Records
    "The Golden Dawn" - Yvonne Gillham.
    Produced by and music by Dick Glass
    Axioms Productions
    "Beautiful Day, Beautiful People
    Capitol Records
    "Elephant Country"
    Capitol Records

    Memories by his Friends

    Music by Dick Glass:
    "Sometimes I Hear the Sun" - Dan Perz
    Poem by Dick Glass read to music
    DAMP Records
    RCA Records

    Eulogy - by Sonja Svensen
    Funeral Oration - Rev. Heber Jentzsch
    Ode to Man

    Well, Alice, I will search what I can. I have listened to his Service for the first time in 16 years. I will record it and make it available to you and others.

    There are no regrets in life, Alice. Onliy discoveries and adventures and new vistas. Being in Scn for more than 2/3 of my life only brought me to my real Golden Age of awareness and Inner Development. Dick, if he were here right now, would hear me more than ever. We knew the Truth then but were just not able to articulate it!

    The Cherub
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  5. Aliceinwonderland

    Aliceinwonderland Patron with Honors

    Cherub - I don't even know how to express myself here. I have mixed emotions stemming from past present and future. I'll sort it out eventually :yes:

    Again, it would be great to get a hold of his music. Your endeavors are truly appreciated. If not, the thought, in this case, is what counts :).

    Lots Warmth,
  6. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    I knew Dick Glass from my CCLA days

    I knew Dick Glass from my CCLA days from 1970 through 1973. He was a regular performing almost weekly at the old CCLA building at 1809 W. 8th St. in L.A.. His theme song in those days was "Beautiful Day, Beautiful People." which I believe he wrote himself. He always sang "Danny's Song" as well. One of my favorites was something called Picolo-mini" which just consisted of the word picolomini with the emphasis on the beginning of each phrase put on a different syllable.

    He had an affair with a young girl of around 16 whose name was Daphne. Daphne was very attractive and quite flirtatious with older men. I went and played pool with her one night near the Org after course and was spotted by several staff and was accussed of having an out 2D with a minor. I was told not to see her again (I was about 31 at the time.). I believe Daphne worked for Axiom Productions which was a spin off of CCLA's and Axiom ran the snack bar inside the Centre and I believe Daphne worked the snack bar for awhile.

    Dick Glass was very chummy with his audience but after a session he seemed to be much harsher with male staff and public, including myself. With attractive females, he was always flirting and making suggestive remarks. He and Daphne really liked each other but they were told to cool it until she reached 18 years of age. I ran into Daphne in the 90's and she told me "Elephant" had died. By then, she was married to someone else. I last saw Daphne at the New Years event at the Shrine as 1998 was changing to 1999. She brought up Dick Glasses name again and told me he had died but I mentioned to her that she had already told me that a couple of years earlier.
    She really had a soft spot in her heart for him. Maybe she was the young lady he wanted to marry.
  7. Gus

    Gus Patron with Honors

    Oh, that's where I got that from! I had forgotten where I first heard it, but now that you mention it was Dick Glass I remember it clearly. He played at my mission sometime in the early 70s. It was quite a fun evening. There was a point during his performance where he had us all close our eyes and imagine we were in a jungle, and there were some elephants nearby, and then he let out such a realistic elephant call that all our eyes shot open to make sure we were really not in a jungle!

    I ran into him a couple of times after that, and always found him to be a warm, likable guy. I was sad to hear of his passing.

  8. Sane Person

    Sane Person Patron


    I found it.
  9. AngeloV

    AngeloV Gold Meritorious Patron


    What the f**k is that?
  10. Sane Person

    Sane Person Patron

    The EP of OT8.
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  11. looker

    looker Patron Meritorious

    Does anybody know the exact date Dick Glass's album with the Elephant on the cover was made? I was thinking it was April or May 1973 but I don't remember.

    I was there in the recording studio with a bunch about 15 of other public and Axioms Staff at the invitation of Spankie Pinion. I was 22 or 23. Dick was warming up asked us to sing along because, and nobody told us this till later, but he wanted us to sing in the background while he was recording. So possibly somewhere on one of the tracks is my feeble attempt at harmony with the person next to me.

    Spankie was telling me about all the great artists who had recorded in that studio but I don't recall who now. They had great equipment and a huge mixing board with equipment racks with lots of blinking lights in subdued lighting. It was almost surreal, like a NASA command Bridge.

    I remember going out the side door for a smoke break noticing the Coke machine had Coors beer in bottles for 25 cents. I thought that was cool. These musicians had it pretty first rate. I think it was Capitol records studio.

    Dick was really appreciative that we all had come to his session The more Theta the better. I think he only recorded 1 or 2 tracks that day we were there about 4 hours and about 5 takes. He gave us all big hugs for coming before we left.

    I had came down to CCLA for 3 days to see my friend Spankie. She was always hooking us up for something fun. But a recording session This was totally unexpected. (Seemed like everyone was totally using the expression "Totally" back then):p

    It seemed Like everyone was having so much fun in those days, I had a blast. I think it was Alverado street (but I prolly got it wrong) a friend and I got a J walking ticket. We wanted to get a bite to eat across the street at a place called "Spaghetti Already" They had great Spaghetti,salad garlic bread drink and a meatball for about $2 bucks. Bummer we didn't see the cop but the ticket was $10 and the flight down there was like $25.

    Good memories Mr Glass Thanks.
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  12. skollie

    skollie Silver Meritorious Patron

    The cover is really cute!

    It was released in 1975 but no mention of when the recording took place - 73 would make sense.

    I also found a memorial page for him on facebook
  13. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    It was stated to be Rasputin's penis. But that was a hoax.

    See for example, an excerpt of which is:

    Rasputin’s Penis: Hoax or Not?
    The Russian Museum of Erotica, newly opened in St. Petersburg, has been crowing about its acquisition of the penis of Rasputin (the mad mystic and lover of the wife of the Russian Tsar). A photo accompanying the many news reports about this unusual exhibit shows an attractive young woman staring rather in awe at the huge, grotesque thing as it floats in formaldehyde (there's another picture here). It definitely looks like a penis, but is it Rasputin's penis (which, according to legend, was 13 inches long)?

  14. GoNuclear

    GoNuclear Gold Meritorious Patron

    How the spell was broken for me

    In 1989 when I was buying my first house, we sat down with a loan broker, who was working with us to put together the best picture for our income. I was doing contract programming work under the DBA of "Elegant Solutions". This loan broker saw that name, and did a word association. He repeated it a few times, then said "Eloquent Solutions" then "Eloquent Elephant". I said "Do you KNOW the Eloquent Elephant? You must be in Scientology, right?"

    I had met Dick Glass aka the Eloquent Elephant on only one occaision and for just a few minutes in late 74 or early 75 in the San Francisco org. I was getting some conversation going with this gal, and this short fat fireplug looking guy shows up and butts in, screwing up my chances. Judging from the attention he was getting, I figured he was someone important and decided it would be best to step back. I later saw some poster in the org advertising for this so-called "Eloquent Elephant" and put it together that it was this fellow, who, in addition to being enormously fat, had a face that in some way resembled that of an elephant.

    Anyways ... the loan broker ... his response was "DON'T GET ME STARTED!" He wanted to avoid a controversial topic, lest he loose a commission on brokering a loan. But I assured him that I was no longer in and would listen to anything he had to say without being judgemental, and he started to spill the beans. He had been in far deeper than I had, went a lot further, going thru OTI. Turns out a lot of what I thought I knew was a "shore story". He directed me to buy and read "Messiah or Madman" the Bent Corydon book, which broke the spell for me. Yes, the OTIII material is quite dangerous for those who have never seen it before, you might just die of laughter reading it.

    Anyways, too bad about the Eloquent Elephant, he managed to eat himself to death.

  15. OldTimingMan

    OldTimingMan Patron with Honors

  16. skollie

    skollie Silver Meritorious Patron

  17. SoylentNight

    SoylentNight New Member

    It was really weird to see his name here, it's been a long time since I thought of him. I didn't really know him, but I knew a woman that he had a relationship with when she was, surprise surprise, 14.
    Anyway, the reason this caught my eye is because 18 years ago I almost gave up my daughter for adoption to a Scientology couple in Glendale. After she was born I changed my mind. I felt really terrible for it, but there was nothing to be done - I was keeping her. The church sent people to my house to get me to change my mind, I got a letter from the C/S telling me that I was going to infect my daughter with my abberations. One of the people who came to my house was an OT 8? staff auditor who told me that I should give her up because I was interfering with an agreement made between the couple and my daughter - who they felt sure was none other than...... Dick Glass.
    So according to some, "he" is living right here in Oregon with me. I'll pass on the messages! :))
  18. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader


    Congratulations on your first post
  19. TG1

    TG1 Angelic Poster

    What a freaking unbelievable first post! You ought to "advance place" to at least three gold stars for that.

    Absolutely amazing.

  20. Infinite

    Infinite Troublesome Internet Fringe Dweller

    Just when you think it can't get weirder . . .

    Hey SoylentNight ! ! Thanks for that.
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