Did Hubbard ever explain why he had such a hard on for LSD?

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The LSD Rule came into effect around 1980 (maybe late '79) to the best of my recollection.

There was a variance for anyone who had joined prior to the date when the Rule came into effect. I had originally joined the SO in 1974 and routed out the following year. I was advised that if I didn't rejoin before the Rule came into effect I'd never be eligible after that date.
For reasons best known to God and Registrars, I opted to rejoin the SO. :duh:


It was that rule that prevented me from joining the SO. I suspect I would either have burned out much faster or been absorbed completely had I joined the SO. Hard to know which.


Doe's anyone else see what a clam would call an 'out point' to this whole subject?

The Purif was supposed to rid your body of all impurities, and auditing was suppose to clear you of all the negative effects of drugs, but at the same time, LSD disqualified you for the S.O.? It's like Laffy was admitting that neither of those procedures did what he claimed they were suppose to do.

Stick your head a little deeper in the sand, clams. It's the only way to keep believin'

Yes. I saw the outpoint and questioned it. I was told I could reapply to the SO when I completed OT IV, and they might hear my appeal. Apparently, they were aware that the Purif and Drug Rundown don't work.


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Maybe, LSD gives you the biggest gain, blowout, Cognition,etc. And because of that the auditing will only give you a smaller gain increase which does not reach the original LSD release.

It is like taking LSD for the second or third time, the exillaration is not as high as the 1st one, but you are hooked on a diminishing return of gain.

I of course are only speculating, I have not take LSD.


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Yes. I saw the outpoint and questioned it. I was told I could reapply to the SO when I completed OT IV, and they might hear my appeal. Apparently, they were aware that the Purif and Drug Rundown don't work.
Not necessarily. OT IV is, of course, also known as the OT Drug Rundown. At the time it was thought of as the definitive handling for drugs in scientology.

Still, there are many examples of the outpoint; "scientology can handle anything which could possibly be wrong with you - sorry you're ineligible because of something unhandleable".


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As with most of scio, Hubbard pulled this 'fact' out of thin air. There are a whole host of drugs - legal and illegal - that have psychological and physiological effects on the brain and body. Many cause hallucinations.

My guess is he latched onto LSD because he took it, didn't like it, and then made up some bizarre shit about it being the ONLY drug that barred one from becoming a SO member.

It really doesn't matter why. He did not do any experimentation to back up his claims.

He just made it up as he went along.


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Didn't he think it lodged in the body fat or something?

From my experience in the SO, late 70's, early 80's; yes, that's what we were told. The 'large' LSD molecules tend to 'lodge' in the fatty tissues of the body, so that was why the purif works; it rinses the oily tissues of drugs and such.

I read somewhere by somebody (you clam scholars will have to help me) that Laffy was trying to handle his own case with the tech releases prior to his retirement due to age related disability. Specifically, the 'purification rundown' being the premier release.

I have a bit of authority on this subject, as I was part of the pilot program forced upon ASHO day crew, and other Big Blue dupes BEFORE the purif was released to public.

Before they found what wouldn't quite kill you as opposed to what would, it was brutal! I must have done a month of hard core sauna spaced between FREEZING showers. Along with almost lethal levels of raw vitamins. And don't make me talk about the Cal-Mag, or I'll hurl on my keyboard.

Well, in all honesty, this was our only choice, if we didn't want to go to bed, and then to work covered in sweat, then you took a freezing cold shower down in the big blue basement, LOL! Probably an un-intended perimeter of the first purif experiments!

It seemed to work! I remember having a small beer at a hotel bar close to the complex one Sunday day off. To celebrate finally graduating from that hell.

After a half a glass, maybe four ounces, I couldn't stand up, I was so drunk.

I guess you could call that a success story! LOL!