Did Scientology rap artist Chill EB defame journalist Tony Ortega?


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I don't know what has been said in this thread.. I'm still on page one.. But I have to reply..I was a faithful reader/commenter when TO left the VV.. Some of us even created a Google group "The Rodeo" to keep together while TO found his place.

The message spewed from the cult, at that time, about Tony was he was the editor of a newspaper that sold salacious ads.

Now they claim he was fired? Laughable! He was ready to leave.

I was there on VV when we only had 27 comments a day

look it up,


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This is just typical behaviour of a Scientologist. Always attack, never defend.

Someone criticizes Scientology so you try to besmirch the character of the critic.

Even spending a few seconds contemplating the points raised by the critic could lead to you being sent to Ethics for "listening to enemy lines".

Boy I'm glad I'm out of that madness.:screwy: