Difference of leaving a cult as a born in


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Hey, how's our Nicole doing as of today? Any new insights to share? :hug:

Hey Sindy. I am fine. :) As MrN said, lots to do in the "Wog" World. ;)

Nice to live my life without the rules and "pressures" Scientologist have. I have so much time to do the thinks I want to do. Sometimes, not very often, I still have problems to trust people, and sometimes I end up in some kind of Scientologist thinking. But this is getting less and less. ...and with this better feeling my selfrespect grows. I am knowing more and more what I want to do and I am doing it.

At the moment my life philosophy is "Carpe diem". I enjoy every day of my life and I am looking what the day "gives" me. Much better than to look, what next and past lives can give me and it is very relaxing. I am reading lots, so much I have never read in my life, I am making fotos, I love my work and of course there is my great family.

Making new friends is still a problem, but I have some and this friendships are good and I am coming more and more out of my shell. Maybe has something to do with growing selfrespect.

The "Black and White Thinking", what is right or wrong comes often in my mind, but than I am thinking: "BS, what you are doing is the right thing and it doesn't matter what others think about it. It exist no rules for this, you are making them." This works very well. I hope someday this will happen automatically.

To put all together the healing goes on and I am lucky. Even lucky that sometimes when a Scientology "fever" had come over me, I hadn't went back to the Cult or started a Scientology career outside the "Church". This "fever" is completely gone and I decided that Scientology is time-wasting BS.