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discarnate intelligence wrote 9 word/1 symbol phrase via telekinesis, please share #tellArt

Discussion in 'Scientology Front Groups and Alliances' started by vain_shields217, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. vain_shields217

    vain_shields217 Patron with Honors

    handwriting evolved a certain appearance purely due to the nature of quillpens as I understand it. All the stuff you refer to: nib pressure, right or left-handed, etc. is very relevant. In terms of the word list looking like this: 'list', that's because I would make things-to-do-lists throughout my late teens/early 20's with a single inverted comma around the key word in each item. It's probably meaningless to you if you are unsure about my claim, but what if the akashic record has a bit of God in it and the Holy Spirit knew that habit of mine. It's funny to imagine it looking like printer fonts on a handwriting surface like a post-it!

    [bcolor=#ffcc00]In other words, the mind writes like it has an arm? [/bcolor] >> the M.D. Prodromita icon, mother and child, housed at Mount Athos, doesn't have any brush-marks but still looks 'painted'

    This certainly looks like a thick classic pen was in use, but again it can't have involved nib pressure:
    very interesting g at the end of that (X)weig word wouldn't you say? it's got the ink direction written all over it