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Disconnection support and activism

Discussion in 'Pickets & Protests General' started by mockingbird, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. mockingbird

    mockingbird Silver Meritorious Patron

    I know some sites in the past have done some actions to gather or state the story of disconnection to some degree but I am getting info almost daily from exes and indies who - probably in the HUNDREDS by now - I have been emailed or written to on other forums by that ALL have stories of their families being broken up by disconnection .

    It is at this point almost 100% of the people I get anything from .

    This is true for Scientologists who are in , or have been declared and still practice and have faith in Hub and the tech or those who completely reject him and his offerings ( like me ).

    There are probably tens of thousands out there with one or more loved ones taken by this cruel inhuman hate crime .

    It is especially wicked as almost all Scientologists do not realize they are joining a hate group that mercilessly targets almost entirely unfairly through submission to authority ( and DM is insane ) and to silence critics and non-comformists.

    The victims are targeted based on religious hate ( centered on hiding fraud ) and should be legally recognized as such .

    The entire doctrine on SPs , the tone scale , the social and anti-social personality , PTS tech and the attack the attacker and so much more are ALL based on the doctrine and should be recognized as an inherently hate creating and discrimination REQUIRING practices !

    Simply put Scientologists by the immense volume and tremendous repetition and variation of hate demanding in their fundamentalist faith are required to practice disconnection and many other hate based crimes to even BE Scientologists !

    Disconnection is NOT judging individuals - it is judging a GROUP based on prejudices and then acting on that - and following blind and compassion-less hate !

    I think an international group that just by existing with members stating they have ALL been at one time or another disconnected from or forced to disconnect could blow Scientology apart as the Mark Bunkers and Tony Ortegas of the world could SHOW concrete proof that there is a way , way above 2and 1/2% or 20% disconnection or declare rate !:duh::duh:

    I think there may actually be more people with declares now than Scientolgists including all SO , staff and public actually in the orgs doing any services !

    It would be great to fill an auditorium in Clearwater or LA across from a Scientology event and SHOW thousands and thousands who can say WE have all been forced out !

    They could get signs or matching t-shirts and have a week long conference and keep going out when the staff come in or the public get off course ( what few there are ).

    We could have people who wear a short simple slogan to show they have been hurt by disconnection and the shirts could all have the same design to make it so once a person reads one they always recognize others !

    So when a staff or SO sees one they forevermore will KNOW when they see another !

    And the people in Clearwater and LA will gain more and more awareness too .

    The shirts could say disconnection is a hate crime or disconnection destroys families or disconnection is discrimination and get people to stop and go What is that ?

    The shirts could in smaller print say a website or Google blah blah and have the info I referenced earlier at that site and links to Lermanet and the bunker etc.etc. for the very interested .

    The site could be designed entirely for never ins and the press and link to others for Scientologists and exes to not confuse the different audiences.

    The utter shock at seeing more people are out than in may lead some to look a little harder or question international expansion a little further and then...

    It can push one then another over a tipping or questioning make break point !

    A group like this could go on Facebook and simply have the message that the disconnection is used to attack parents ,friends , spouses and others with no concern for real crimes or evil insanity .

    It could have antis and indies and not-suries ALL saying - hey here we are and we are not ax murderers and psychos and rapists and serial killers .

    We are just wrongly persecuted and are far more in number than is admitted by DM and the cult has far fewer members than advertised .

    I think a group like this could have a huge impact and help people support each other and coordinate protests and Youtube videos and if DM or OSA try something the network could air the cult's dirty laundry on a massive scale and make the internet presence of info on the truth of disconnection omnipresent and constant .

    I know super complex theories on mind control that involve ten theories on hypnotism and five on rhetoric and twenty on psychology and their interrelating together are VERY hard to put out over the press for never ins .

    So the idea with disconnection is much simpler . You either totally submit to Scientology in every part of your personal , family and financial and working life or face

    losing everyone forever .

    And the never in parents crying and the kids who never see their parents who are in and the parents etc. etc. would play so well on TV and in documentaries that could give huge numbers and show big conferences and then focus on individual heartbreaking stories of people and the mom who cries every night or the kid who has to choose between two parents and commits suicide at a young age to avoid rejecting either one .

    These stories are already out there but a few great documentaries could really help shed light on this .

    See now if one story is told people doubt it BUT with repetition and confirmation public opinion can be influenced .

    They will not buy the bitter defrocked apostate thing if there are too many and the ones zeroed in on do not fit the description one bit .

    In LA celebrities always attach their finances and fame to projects like this .

    If the right promotion is done a few could join in and then the pr would grow as celeb a would get slammed by Kirstie Alley and celeb B would pick a side and the whole time the projects would get more mainstream attention and the still in celebs would get hammered by reporters with FACTS about disconnection and the TREMENDOUS degree to which it occurs.

    They could know they will be told over and over a survey found over 95% of Scientologists disconnect from family and we have lists of ALL current IAS members and their families and CNN or CBS found that blah blah per cent confirm have been declared or disconnected and here in this PL Hub said to do this ...

    See , the celebs would be driven up the fucking wall and as they said insane untrue statements to defend the lie or attack the attacker - the public and polarized never in celebs would be able to get FACTS and the whole ugly mess could come out .

    DM would have to try to NEVER face any press even by OSA !

    What could they say as hundreds volunteer to sign petitions and wear SP armbands to show they are labeled inhuman .

    They can have sheets of paper with dozens of Hub's quotes equating SPs and low tones and psychos and calling for fair game and destroying utterly and disposing of quietly and without sorrow and all the conspiracies hub spoke of and...

    Hub made this quite easy - if lengthy - as he very clearly made great explicit efforts to have SPs defined as utterly insane and evil and low tones described and anti-social defined and so much more that no doubt can remain if the RIGHT references are disseminated TOGETHER .

    You could just edit it down to the pure gold quotes and prepare more thorough unabridged collections to be read later .

    The SOS and PTS/SP materials and parts of KSW and many PLs and HCOBs lay out the case .

    The long unedited version is a preemptive strike against Scientology's " you are taking that out of context " defense as you give the original context and for those who care to read the voluminous collection - it is even MORE damning with more context !

    Then follow up with the criminal convictions of the organization and show the PR of SP declares and disconnection and contrast that with the reality.

    See , the obscure OT stuff just confuses people and press and makes Scientology seem whacky.

    Lay off that - push THIS .

    People get discrimination and blind hate - THEY practice it all too often ! Or are victims of it .

    This can also empower the victims to organize and share their common stories and they may have to volunteer a website or camera or buy a bunch of t- shirts but together they can accomplish a lot more bang for their buck .

    I would like to know who would like to either join , organize or promote this idea ?
  2. Miss Ellie

    Miss Ellie Miss Ellie

    My idea has always been billboards with high visibility. Lots of photos of those disconnected from with a simple statement.

    Affected by Scientology disconnection? We still love you - call us.

    Put these where general public and church members will see them going to the big locations.

    I know the cost is prohibitive but the impact would be huge.

    Any ex-sciobots own a billboard company?

    :happydance: :clap: :happydance: :clap:
  3. Miss Ellie

    Miss Ellie Miss Ellie

    T-shirts are a great idea too... :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  4. WildKat

    WildKat Gold Meritorious Patron

    I think anyone who has been in the cult for any length of time has seen this or been on the receiving end of it. I saw it with my ex's family and their friends. When we were first married and I met the in-laws and their friends, it was a big love-fest of close Scn friends, two families who grew up together in Scn, kids played together, etc. Everything was great until the friends left the church (this was in the early 80's during the big "purge") and then suddenly, that family ceased to exist. I always wondered what happened to them.
  5. Claire Swazey

    Claire Swazey Spokeshole, fence sitter

    Disconnection is a control mechanism. It's not really about having tech go in or anything. If Scn really instilled the ability to handle anything, then there wouldn't be a centralized body enforcing disconnection and coercing people and reporting on them.
  6. mockingbird

    mockingbird Silver Meritorious Patron

    What do you guys think of the name " END DISCONNECTION !! " ?

    I think it sums up the basic idea - we want disconnection ended .

    The group can be on Facebook and state that it has the goals of informing the public about the practice and the truth of who it is done to for what ends and to have it ended .

    The members do not even need to get into the whole con etc .

    It can be a safe place to unite on this one issue .

    Now , I obviously will not PRETEND to support Scientology or Dianetics in ANY way EVER .

    I would just say this group is here to expose this practice and its authentic status as part of the orthodox doctrine and who it is used on and why .

    I would focus on the true character of those declared SPs and others disconnection targets and hammer that Scientology in following this acts as a hate group TOWARD the targets .

    It also has emotional blackmail over members as they ALWAYS have the very real threat of losing ALL their friends and family and often employment and housing if they dare speak out against disconnection or the SP doctrine .

    Just showing these facts with the tremendous number of people disconnected from who bear no slightest resemblance to the psychotic villains SPs are painted as can help the members of this new group SEE something is not right in Scientology - and help the general public and civil rights groups etc. see the truth about Scientology .

    Scientology is not a whacky new age pseudoscience UFO religion .

    It is a criminal enterprise !

    By getting that out people will stop saying " live and let live , after all we all have whacky beliefs " and move to " prosecute and let DM experience the penal system " .

    I think exposing the mind control will be way easier if the cult is seen as committing crime inherently in its most basic practices inexorably and irrevocably .

    DM cannot remove disconnection and the SP doctrine for a variety of reasons including that it is in dozens of basic policies and courses and theories and essential to Scientology and Dianetics .

    It is tied deeply to the reactive mind and the tone scale and policy and almost all tech and a hundred other things.

    He would need to gut or destroy the subjects almost totally and that would knock out the cult as members would leave or examine the changes and the old methods and that would kick-start critical thinking and DM CAN NEVER allow that .

    He knows the con relies totally on blind hypnotic submission and that with examination and looking at the reality of Scientology's lack of expansion and results would follow and the " founder" s life too !

    And people with two conflicting " sources " would look outside the cult for perspective on which to follow and many would realize both Hub and DM are selling fraud and NEVER give another penny !

    See , I thought for a long time ( months really ) that tearing apart influence and mind control was the way to go - and I plan to do a lot , lot more on that - but for an immediate attack simple true crimes and abuses the general public can see , understand and DESPISE are the way to go !

    And DM ( and Hub ) provide a huge amount of evidence as this is a massive , and continual practice essential to Scientology !

    You can join , speak out and find friends to TOO .

    We can have petition drives for massive GROUP petitions for lawmakers and big presentations where small groups present petitions with THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people swearing disconnection is practiced and has been used against THEM personally !

    Once collected they can be circulated to press and only ADDED to !

    In other words we can have a real stat that rises and rises !

    Finally the straight up vertical expansion Scientology needs !

    We could rapidly surpass all the " clears " Scientology claims and then the members in the SO and on staff !

    We could have our own partys and awards for getting signatures and press coverage AND laws passed !

    I think this is just the change Scientology and DM need .

    The cult can collapse and DM can have a vacation from all his work and have the penal system run through him .
  7. Wants2Talk

    Wants2Talk Silver Meritorious Patron

    How about CONNECTION. No double negative. Or, CONNECT! Or, IN-TOUCH.