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I have an idea for anybody bold and mischievous who is on facebook.

If you go to the pages of people like Grant Cardone , Jenna Elfman , Tom Cruise , John Travolta etc. etc. and leave messages in the comments for their posts what will happen ?

I am not talking about threats or stalking or anything illegal or insulting .

I mean like pointing out that Nancy Cartwright gives 10 million to Scientology on a post about her being a philanthropist .

Commenting on LRH being a criminal on Grant Cardone's page .

If one or two people do it they will merely be blocked , BUT if dozens or more do it it can grant attention to WHAT is being put up and the celebrities link to Scientology and get fans to LOOK at Scientology and the crimes and abuses !!!

If you do this you should not violate any laws or people's rights.

This could get a lot of info out and might , if it got big enough , get more mainstream press coverage of WHY people protest and NEVER stop protesting Scientology .

What do you guys think and will anybody try this ?


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With the exception of low-budget former stars like Kirstie Alley, I don't believe that celebs run their own Facebook or Twitter accounts. Your messages are unlikely to be seen by a Scientology victim at all, just some agency.

Tom Cruise tried having a Clam as a manager for a time, but it was disastrous and he went back to 'wog' management, because the Tech doesn't work. For my two cents, therefore, this prank won't work.

If you wanted to create a social media group called "Get Tom out of Scientology" that encouraged people to put up messages of support from the real world, to encourage him to ditch the Asthmatic Dwarf... and if you got a hundred thousand likes... that might make a difference.



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Freeminds thanks for the info ,

But what about the fans who would see the comments and the pr nightmare this could give OSA ?

Also this could get mainstream media to notice if big enough .

There are lots of exes and members of anonymous who might be willing to post and repost antiScientology FACTUAL comments to raise public awareness and since facebook is free this could create a snowball effect .

If you can't get the celeb you could give the cult the problem of getting another massive pr flap when they attack the posters or send dildoes to people's jobs.

I would be more than happy to see people take them to court and expose their crimes.

They are backed into a corner of allowing free speech to show the crimes and abuse which are still standard practice , or they will attack the attacker giving more legal ammunition to take them down .


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Please understand, I'm not telling you not to do it: just saying why I haven't tried it. If you think it's worth a try, go for it. Any action against the Scientology cult is better than nothing.