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Colleen K. Peltomaa

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I was looking at some pages on lerma.net the other day and reading this account of a conversation that Doreeen had with Hubbard, I was reminded of this thread.

'He said it was an idea he had picked up from Nazi Germany. He said Hitler was a madman, but nevertheless a genius in his own right and the Nazi Youth was one of the smartest ideas he ever had. With young people you had a blank slate and you could write anything you wanted on it and it would be your writing. That was his idea, to take young people and mould them into little Hubbards.' Doreen Smith. In Bare Faced Messiah.

Poor, hapless David Miscavige was one of those blank slates that Hubbard moulded into a version of himself. Remember his admissions reveal an intention to turn all men into his slaves. This is what we are still seeing at the top of Scn management structure.

That is why the Catholic Church indoctrinates its youth before the age of 6.


First of all, welcome Bigsteveo52. I have found this is a great place to be and I hope you find it that way too.

On the other hand, I must respectfully disagree. I met the guy. He's not a pleasant person. Nor is he a worthy example of Scientology application. I've seen him in action. I was never at Int, where I understand things were much worse, but I met him nonetheless and saw the direct result of his presence. It was never nice. I do recognize he had to be very clever and strong-willed to get to where he is now, but so were Hitler, Stalin, and even Mussolini. And the result of their actions were nothing but destruction and repression. I see a dramatization of the same happening in the CoS in a lesser degree. There's no Auschwitz or Buchenwald, but lifes have been destroyed. And I have yet to meet a Sea Org member who can talk freely about what is wrong with Management and propose solutions without getting Comm Ev'd, RPFd or declared SP.