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Hello there Royal Prince. I get what you're saying, but there comes a point where you just don't have the fight left in you to start questioning what's policy and what's not. This was towards the end, we were .. my hubby and I SO posted in a Class V org so we didn't even have the money for beans and rice and were for a while sleeping in our car. When you've been fighting for years for what's on and off policy and no one seems to be caring enough to back you up, you just give up to an extent you know. KR's? Well I think I had enough of them to take down a whole forest!! Thanks for your reply.:)

Yeah, I get that for sure.

Hubbard wrote that most injustices toward staff stem from staff not knowing policy well enough. Actually, that's a big fat effing copout.

CofS bends their own rules constantly while using policy to hogtie members and anyone else they can restrict. Eventually, most people just say "enough" and leave. It's too much! It's constantly looking over one's shoulder, getting messed with, lied to, super-regged (I just coined that term, I think) and all that.

They (CofS) take and take and take and they don't give. They don't even deliver what's promised. They don't even TRY.

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D'oh! You know you've been out a while when...

you don't even think in terms of indicators any more.

I agree. I only lapse back into "scientologese" with other exes, otherwise it doesn't come up, except that a certain number slammed into my head the other night when I was talking about "telex" technology: 337R. AAARRRRGH!!! Panic! Shutdown! Where's the RESET button ?!?!


Aaargh!! I know, that 'other fish to fry' statement used to really do my head in! Yes, how dare people want to eat and sleep all the time! :omg: That made me laugh! I haven't gotten around to reading Mayo's story, I'm behind on a lot of reading and have so much to cach up on. For sure, when you see stuff like that you wonder how the hell anyone can get over that kind of mental and physical abuse. Thank you so much for your kind reply and for keeping me in your prayers, that I appreciate more than you know. Read your earlier post, well done to you! You're a strong Warrior and a very brave soul. :thumbsup:

Hi Pixie, Thanks for that but I got off easy compared to you. I was in hiding for several years! You and all the others are the reason I came here and decided to start fighting them. They've had it way too easy for way too long.
Just tell us your story when you're up to it, Pixie. :yes:


After LRH died, all his Naval records went into the public domain.

It was found that LRH collected a disability check from the government up until the day he died (which is what I heard - not just until the 70's).

That check would come in to FCDC every month, and "go somewhere" via mailpack. The HAS'es were always missed withholdy about it...


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It's the truth. It was called the 'sin bin', that is what it was known by, by SO and non SO alike. Things were not going well for the orgs at all in this country and a huge Flag mission was sent down to 'sort it all out'. My husband and I were in total overwhelm, understaffed, homeless, there were staff sleeping in the Purif area. We weren't allowed on the dole as this was 'other fish to fry', we couldn't pay the rent as our wages wouldn't have bought a packet of cigs, we were exhausted, I had just finished the EPF and was sent back to my org as my replacement had blown, my husband was SO in a class V org but not allowed to be in any sort of relationship unless he was married and they had to be SO, we got married and got into more trouble, we sat for two days and two nights in Qual pasting bits of 'squirrel' shit into the tech and pol vols, when we questioned this of the CJC we got into more trouble, when we wrote it up to McSavage we were sent to a higher org and told to write up O/W's for five days into the early hours of the morning, we were NOT allowed to leave and ended up having to make most of it up as we were (at that time) very much on LRH's side and trying to 'protect' the tech, we were extremely dedicated and heartbroken at what was happening. We had to go back to find somewhere to live and were followed and harrased and chased in the street and screamed at, the the car (we were sleeping in at the time) door kicked in. I know it sounds crazy, why did we put up with it, we knew something was wrong at the top, but we didn't know the whole thing was a con, I only found that out last year after ten years out and I haven't seen my husband for over ten years. It just all came to a head, I was always told I was 'too woggy', constantly 'out 2D' if I talked with a man. A bad nightmare does't come close. I'll have to start a new thread some day when I'm clearer in my head as the traumas are only coming back to me now. Hope this helps. This IS true.

Pixie, I believe every word you have written. I look forward to reading your entire story but only when you are ready to tell it.

Sweetie- I know what an F-ed up mess Scn is and you managed to completely shock me. I only hope that you will be able to put it behind you one day and claim ownership of the strength you obviously have. I know that you get better every day. :bighug: :bighug: :bighug:


Pixie, I believe every word you have written. I look forward to reading your entire story but only when you are ready to tell it.

Sweetie- I know what an F-ed up mess Scn is and you managed to completely shock me. I only hope that you will be able to put it behind you one day and claim ownership of the strength you obviously have. I know that you get better every day. :bighug: :bighug: :bighug:

Thank you Feline. I feel I've pretty much written the story more or less in bits and pieces all over the place. I can't think with the 'whole story' you know, it just comes back in flashes. I wrote a good chunk of it on a thearapy thread boldgirl started, the whole story, I don't know, would be a mixed up mess, my time lines on all this .. just mashed up to bits. I remember when I went back to Ireland I bought a house and I had to get my divorce papers from England, I couldn't even remember where I got divorced! My solicitor honestly thought I was lying, I just could not remember anything, I was so traumatized. I feel now too that I'm not sure if I want to go on and on about my 'story', I don't want to identify with it so much these days because ultimately it's not me, I really need to move on.

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DM big brother

Each and every Scio should read and reread "1984" by George Orwell. DM is a demented Big Brother who usurped his position from whomever LRH had picked. Not that it mattered, because Ron was a basket case drug infested, rotten teeth paranoid schizophrenic, so I suppose DM fits the bill perfectly.
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Thanks, yes, indeed, trying to figure out where to start. It is difficult to say the least, not realizing how much he is sitting on until you really know the area and people to talk and really listen and understand. I mean, I still do not think any writing until we did in that period to a folder on my stairs, and be there for ten years. I'm beginning to think I'm more traumatized than I first thought. I've been to remove this dare not speak of leaving the country! Everything is there, sitting on the stairs, everything I write UPS McSavage to say what was happening, how they are treated, how the staff tried but did not give a dam. :) ;)