DM was C/S for Lisa McPherson?


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Does Marty Rathbun know that he is the reason for GAT Phase II?

Does he know that he is the Who of why Gat one was squirreled?

Does he know that what Scientologists are being told is that the GAT II was necessary because Marty changed all the technology of GAT I to unworkable and that is what Scientologists are being told and are buying it wholesale?

Huh? What are you talking about? GAT II was conceived and the groundwork laid for it years before Marty even left the Sea Org.


I don't know how you would know that or if you do. How many years? GAT I came out in 96 so it wasn't worked on before that because GAT I was 100% pure LRH tech (cough, cough). You can't get better than 100%. Why has it taken so long for GATII to come out?

It is a fact Scientologists are being told that Marty squirelled GAT I and that is why GATII, prove me wrong.
Huh? What are you talking about? GAT II was conceived and the groundwork laid for it years before Marty even left the Sea Org.
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Either would put him at personal liability for what happened. As the senior executive of scientology, if he had direct, personal knowledge of what was happening to Lisa, then he can be held personally responsible for the factors which led to her death.

Which is exactly why she is dead...he C/Sed the case...she spun...he locked her away to dispose of without sorrow to cover his ass so as not to look bad tech-wise. If you ever read "The Story of a Squirrel" he is guilty of everything he accused Mayo of doing.
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Wait, wait, wait... Lisa McPherson's C/S was DM??? Seriously??? :omg:

I read about this somewhere else also. I wonder if he was her real C/S or was just micromanaging her case while they were both at Flag?

Yes, Svon - DM was the C/S for Lisa McPherson and he verified that she was "clear".

You can google the whole nightmare story. DM essentially was responsible for Lisa McPherson's death and he covered it up and lied!!

Read Janet Reitman's Book - Inside Scientology. It is all in there too!!

DM did indeed C/S Lisa MacPherson. He did this on a complete bypass of her real C/S who was apparently too cowed to stand up to him.

It is important to note here that DM is NOT a trained C/S. He is not even an auditor. He was thrown off the Cl IV Internship at St Hill for hitting a PC in session and has never audited since.

There are two eyewitness accounts to this on the net. One of them is Karen # 1. Anyone who wants docs can google this themselves.

Sorry, late at night here.

Two-three years ago, hard to recall exactly, Marty and Mike were mentioned as plants by him. He was given that "insider data" by an OSA/MMA person, Julian. Unclear, except he said the guy carried all the proof documents on his laptop.

He then threw Debbie into the mix in an unanswered email to me last year.

Plants paid by the psychs is the story now. That's generally what they are telling people here and there.

Whatever works, I guess. Worked for him, so they went with it.

I don't ask too many questions beyond my initial speechless shock.

LOL!!! Doing the things that won! OSA made up this story to explain all the people protesting in front of orgs. And the marks bought it. I've had irate Scientologists accuse me of standing there with a picket sign for a measly $50.