does anyone know these people...or even me??


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hope i am doing this correctly, dont know how this thread thing works. nterested in finding out about a few peeps i knew in the SO at LA "blue building" summer-fall 1986 and FLB 86-88. i made a lot of friends but after i routed out in mid 88 i forgot most names during my self imposed deprogramming period. I lived at the Hacienda too! (but of course was never there). knew Greg Solecito - he was with IAS. worked at FH most of my time, was COFH for short time, spent most of my time (day and night w/ naps on the floor behind the desk!) at hotel registration with a wonderful young lady named Letty Heldt. i originally met her at the blue building on the EPF from 6/86 to 12/86. i believe Letty married in 1989 and may have changed her name. i later became a nanny at the QI. i worked closely with another nanny, Margaret. cant remember her last name, she was italian and from Syracuse NY. her mom was SO too. we were Zoe Woodcraft's nannies...loved that little girl! not sure how to get hold of her but have seen her interviews on xenu tv. i wonder what became of the other SO children there?. does anyone know? how about the three people mentioned here?
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I remember you well, you were the nanny for my daughters Astra and Zoe. That was at the QI, that delightful run down berthing facility for SO members with kids. Do you remember Rusty the cadet coordinator? He used to attempt to treat the kids fairly and protect them from having to route onto the EPF if they didn't want to, and got busted for his efforts.
Astra is now helping to run Ex-Scientology Kids website, you should check it out.