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Dr. Jeff Mallinson - Interview on Scientology

Discussion in 'Conferences, Speeches, Radio Shows, and Live Publi' started by TheOriginalBigBlue, Feb 28, 2019.

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    This 57.07 audio interview with Dr. Jeff Mallinson, Professor of Theology and Philosophy demonstrates a level of understanding about Scientology that is fairly sophisticated and he clearly describes it in a way that I think sociology students would appreciate without getting too much into the weeds. He describes Scientology as being "Paradigmatic": 1 of the nature of a paradigm or model: they offer this database as a paradigmatic example.

    This is a point that I've tried to make many times - that the greatest threat from Scientology is that it establishes a working model for other people and groups who want to control and abuse people utilizing weaknesses in society and the law.

    He states that one of Scientology's core principles is that people are basically good and he does explain that they use guilt but I think it is important that people understand how this concept is used as a bludgeon for control in Scientology and that deserves further explanation. It's kind of like one religion saying you are born in sin and need their salvation but Scientology says we are more altruistic because we think you were always good - but NOW we expect you to pay for everything bad you have done in the trillions of years since and it's really going to cost you.

    Scientology is essentially a UFO cult and considers other religions to be fake implanted concepts from psychiatrists in alien races in past lives in off-world societies. In other words, we have found the aliens and they are us. For anyone trying to understand how Scientology is different from other religions this is a salient point that shouldn't be glossed over. If a religion says that you are spiritual without defining exactly what that means in a modern scientific context then it leaves a huge loophole for Scientology to exploit: When were souls first created? Are there different races of souls? Do souls in this universe follow a different set of universal laws than souls in other universes or galaxies? How did souls get to earth and where were they before that? Can a soul be controlled, degraded or destroyed by things like drugs, radiation or electronics, etc.? Most people associate the Xenu mythology with this aspect of Scientology but the "alien" connection is still very prevalent early on in the indoctrination.

    0602. The Teachings and Practices of Scientology – Dr. Jeff Mallinson, 2/26/19
    Dr. Jeff Mallinson of Concordia University-Irvine
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