Dror Soref - another Scn arrest


Duh...Michelle Seward is a woman.

She is the woman that sold $68 Million dollar life insurance policy to Kristy Alley.

She got a $1.1 Million dollar Commission for that sale....

She invested those monies into Kristy Alley's Diet Company....


I know that somewhere, Kristy was some how trying to get into the "Insurance Business" also...but can't find it yet.

The Cult is mentioned in this link...about this.

Policies were issued in early 2010.



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This is the press release from the California Department of Insurance.


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Two arrested in alleged $21 million movie investment scheme

News: 2015 Press Release

For Release: September 16, 2015

Media Calls Only: 916-492-3566

Two arrested in alleged $21 million movie investment scheme

More than 100 victims bilked in elaborate Ponzi scheme

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - Michelle Kenen Seward, 42, of Flintridge, surrendered to authorities on September 10, and Dror Soref, 75, of Los Angeles was arrested on September 11 and charged with operating a Ponzi scheme allegedly bilking investors from Los Angeles and Kern Counties out of $21 million dollars in an elaborate movie investment scheme.

Department of Insurance Investigation Division Valencia officeconducted the investigation with the Department of Business Oversight and uncovering evidence that Seward, a former licensed insurance agent and CEO of Protégé Financial and Insurance Services, Incorporated and Saxe-Coburg Insurance Solutions, LLC, allegedly convinced her clients to invest their life savings in a film directed by Soref titled Not Forgotten, which was an unsecured investment.

In some cases, Seward talked clients into surrendering annuities early and paying large penalties by promising returns of between 10 and 18 percent. Investors that surrendered annuities paid more than $600,000 in penalties and fees for early withdrawal.

After the film's completion, the two formed a new entity titled Windsor Pictures, LLC, which investors were promised would produce several films. Investors were given promissory notes and told they would again earn between 10 and 18 percent on their investment.

Investigators found evidence that investors' money used to form Windsor Pictures was used to pay investors in the production of Not Forgotten. Additionally, Seward and Soref were not licensed to sell securities or provide investment advice.

The case is being prosecuted by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office.

Media Notes:

This case was filed in Los Angeles County under the Life & Annuity Consumer Protection Program (LACPP), which was established through Assembly Bill 2316 (Chan).The LACPP established a fund to be used exclusively for protecting consumer of life insurance and annuity products by the California Department of Insurance and local district attorneys.

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I wonder where Michelle Seward got her "client list" of Annuity holders.....from which to make her sales calls?

I recall, way back in the late 80's or early 90's there were a couple Scientologists that had a Company selling Annuities....

They were advertising for salesmen....and I applied to their Company. They told me I had to come up with money to take a special license course...( probably a series 7 license? ) and I just didn't have the money...so never did it.

I have a feeling that this one is gonna go deep....

Michelle Seward just a short 4 years ago was involved with a Ponzi Scheme with Kristy Alley....


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I hope the people scammed get some or perhaps all of their money back.

Unfortunately, in these kind of Ponzi schemes, that money is long gone.

What might happen however is for an appointed trustee to demand that any/all INVESTORS that earned any money back to return it.

That will come as a second-wave shock for investors who got some "profit" but never got their principal back. In other words, they suffered a huge loss--and now they are going to be further shattered with the news that the trustee is going to "claw back" money they were paid. This will in fact greatly worsen the devastation for many investors.

However, the theory is that all the money should be brought back in, even if they have to sue investors who suffered losses already. Then whatever they can get back, they will distribute equally to all investors (pro-rata).

It's a horrific mess and about to get worse for some unsuspecting investors. They will be threatened with litigation/penalties and, in some cases, actually sued for return of any payments they received.

It is very unlikely that investors (in total) will get back more than pennies to the dollar.

FLASHBACK: About 25 years ago. A major international event. All of he Scientology parishioners were seated and the auditorium brought to a dead silence. Then, from the back of the massive structure, the lights went up and there was a procession. . .

From the rear of the indoor stadium, one-by-one, Scientology's most sacred CELEBRITIES were coming down the aisle to thunderous flashing lights and applause. They were the GODS of Scientology, fully worshipped for their money, their celebrity and their elite OT status.

I cringed at that moment, because what had originally thought was a "science" of developing human ability was now parading "HOLLYWOOD CELEBRITIES" as the fulfillment of the vision of reaching higher spiritual levels.

And to make it even worse, coming down the aisle, basking in applause, was someone I had known as a regular fella who was trying to make a mark in the world of filmmaking--Dror Sorref. He wasn't anything special. He had written or directed a movie. Hey, by that point I had written movies too. But i wasn't in the hideous procession of Scientology Saints! LOL. Such a cringeworthy travesty was in fact the EXACT OPPOSITE of every reason I had decided to try Scientology in the first place.

But, as I say, there was goofy Dror with his goofy smile....(now get this) WAVING to the fans.



He had magically been re-born as a sacred scn celeb.

The common man in the stands was supposed to stamp and yell and pour forth our heartfelt "validation" for these "power beings". LOl

Such insanity. That moment cinched it for me. I was already nearly out of Scientology, but at that very moment I knew that I actually hated Scientology.

I detested the celebrity scam.

I detested the stupidity of Scientologists being told who to applaud for.

Dror was nothing more or less than every single one of the people in that huge audience, but somehow he had.......somehow....TRANSCENDED! LOL. And the Scientologists I was scanning in every direction were BUYING IT! They were "flowing power" to Dror.

Well, fast forward to the end of the third act.

Dror's in jail with $2.4M bond, indicted for a long menu of very serious criminal charges that could well land him in prison for the rest of his life.

That's who we were instructed to worship. That's who we were told to worship. LOL

And now? Now Scientologists will shun and disconnect from Dror and say the most hideously awful things about him. They will un-friend him on Facebook and turn their backs on him forever. Why? Because they are told to do that.

Scientology: It tells a person what to do. If someone succeeds it tells everyone to worship them. If someone fails, it tells everyone to disconnect and fair game them. This is all fine and good for Scientologists----until the day that Scientology is applied to them personally.
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This situation looks messy and it looks like it has been going on for quite a while.


Who is Michelle Seward's mother?

Looks like she didn't learn her lesson....and / or all that stuff she wrote back in 2013 is a complete lie.....

As Michelle wrote that stuff....but is still "in business" currently with a Scientologist...(Dror) is not possible, under cult policy.

As her current arrest...along with Dror Soref.....is just this week.


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The LA Times also reported on this criminal conspiracy:


"Neither Seward nor Soref were licensed to sell securities or provide investment advice, according to the California Department of Insurance."

Dror Soref: "We are Scientologists and we are here to save you. We don't need no stinkin' badges..." (apologies to Alfonso Bedoya :)

Hopefully the public at large will learn and know 100% from this case and those like it that Scientology is EXACTLY a mind numbed and mind controlled cult whose members will do (commit) the most appalling things (crimes) in support of Hubbards evil dream (Mein Kampf?) and a Cleared planet (the Thousand Year Reich?)

Hitler has nothing on the DwarfenFuehrer as far as totalitarianism is concerned.

Has Soref made bail or has he actually incarcerated as the legal process unfolds? Of course he is taking the 'Lie and Deny' route - pleading not guilty.

Have he and Virginia made any of their fave FaceButt posts about how they're having such a great time at dinner with Michael and Denise Duff?

If you look at the Michelle Seward. Org website, she states that her mother was a Scientology executive who worked in marketing. It sounds like the mother worked up lines. The mother is no longer in Scientology. Does anyone know who the mother is?


It looks like Dror Soref is still in jail. He should be for directing Weird Al Yankovich...to get started in his "career." He was born in 1950...so is age 65 now.

He is charged with a Felony.

He has another Court Date tomorrow....on Oct. 22

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Michele Seward was arrested on a misdemeanor....and had no bail.

Her full name is Michelle Kenen Seward. DOB: 10/04/72 ( if that helps figure out who her mother was...)

From what I've read....she turned herself in. It looks like she is already out.

There is no court date listed...

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this is kinda interesting....from Radar:


"In January, 2005, the Santa Clarita City Council declined to make a $ 10,000 donation on behalf of orphans in nations struck by the Indian Ocean tsunami on grounds that the organization whose behalf defendant Seward was making the request was tied to the Church of Scientology.”

Radar has a lot of articles about Kristy Alley and Michelle Seward regarding the law suit about Kristy's diet ponzi scheme...lawsuit...