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Drug Rehab Program Linked to Scientology (Health News FL)


One of the largest treatment programs in the world, Narconon, claims to have incredibly high success rates. But it also uses techniques that mental health professionals call “quackery” and caused, according to one family, the death of their daughter, 10 News in Tampa reports.

That high success rate is what spurred Kaysie Werninck’s family to pay $28,000 to send her to a Southern Oklahoma for treatment. After she became violently ill and died, her family sued Narconon and eventually accepted a settlement from the treatment program, according to 10 News.

Critics of Narconon, which just opened a new treatment facility in Spring Hill, say the program is not upfront with patients about its links to Scientology. Narcronon says it does borrow the teachings of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and admits it takes funding from the church, according to an investigation by 10 News.

Full article: http://health.wusf.usf.edu/post/drug-rehab-program-linked-scientology


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The real rate of cure is way down in single figures.

David Lee, who worked with hundreds of Narconon 'graduates' over many years, knew of only a handful who were permanently sober.


I believe that I only know of less than 10 Narconon graduates who became staff members and stayed 100% sober without picking up a drink or a drug since graduating. Less than 10 out of hundreds and hundreds that I have crossed paths with in the last 10 years. Apparently they too felt that a “condition” state was more important than actual time sober. A strange thing for an organization so adamant about stats. I think that “time sober” should be the most important statistic in a rehab.

The rest of his post is also worth reading.