Drumroll please........

Mick Wenlock

Admin Emeritus (retired)
I've been a member here on ESMB since the day I decided to exit the co$. It has been a key resource in my journey out.

When I heard Emma was going to close ESMB to live posts, I was bummed. I wanted to keep ESMB alive. So I talked to Emma about that. I understand her reasons for not wanting to pass ESMB on to someone else. I told her that I would like to start a new board to continue in the spirit that Emma created ESMB. Emma thought it was a good idea and she even got her anonymous donor to fund the new board. She also helped me get it setup.

I hope you all will find a home on ESMB Redux and continue to make a place for people to tell their stories, reconnect with friends, make new friends and carry on existing friendships you have made here on ESMB.

While the look might be a bit different. You'll find the same categories that you have here. There's a bit more work to do, like adding a chat facility and a smily picker, but the board is ready for you.

It's a blank canvas. I'm sure you all will enjoy painting on it :D




oh PS: Sorry it wasn't Paul :D But hopefully I'll be a worthy admin.
Best of luck to you P&B. I wish you success!


It's a disappointment.

Are you guys sure there's no way to make transfer of selected posts possible?
The foundation of the new Message Board could be "the best" from ESMB.

Meanwhile, I'm prevented from posting on the new MB, even though I seem to be registered.
Alanzo would be happy to transfer all of his posts to the new board. Isn't it best to start fresh?


Maybe I was too anxious. Should have waited, heh. :)

Okay, I'm going to re-click the re-send confirmation and wait five minutes.