East Grinstead - 25/10/08 - IAS event at St. Hill.

Sharone Stainforth

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Today I set off with NarCONon and went to East. Grinstead.

This was one of the funniest and most eventful days I have spent in a while.....we got a taxi into town and had an interesting conversation with the driver who was interested to hear why we were protesting.He said from his own experience they($cientologists) were the most hard sell "religion" he had ever known.He was very supportive of our protesting and let us off some of the fare.

Half way to St. Hill I got out my protest sign while NarC donned his mask and put up the anonymous flag.Having seen no sign of any other protesters we thought we might be the only ones.Not put off we marched to St. Hill.Along the way we were met with a number of honking cars and to our delight someone on a bicycle tinkled their bell.

On the way NarC told me about the previous days protesting, what a shame I missed the bagpipers and twirling flags.

Upon arrival at St. Hill we were met by the flags in the entrance but no one was twirling them,opposite on the other side of the road the Scientologists had laid a line of pot plants to make sure the nasty SPs could not stand there.Determined to walk past the two security guys and the OSA operatives on the St. Hill entrance side we boldly went past them, flag billowing in the wind and my sign reading HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES Since the 1960s - 2008 and underneath LERMANET. COM.A Scientologist from London was there, his face turning from one of horror to laughter. The OSA ladies gave us looks that could kill, but we didn't die.

To our delight there were several other anons there, further up the road and behind barriers that the $cientologists had so thoughtfully put up to keep us at a distance. It didn't stop us enturbulating the $cientologists. I haven't seen so much traffic going in and out of St. Hill Manor since LRH came back from Rhodesia.

Many coaches left empty and some with just three people on them,one coach was full and we all made sure they could read our signs.Plenty of honks from passing motorists who were very supportive.

From out of nowhere came the music, it sounded like it came from the distance.Until one of the anons crossed the road and found the speaker in the bushes behind the wall.This new "TECH" caused raucous laughter from the anons, not a patch on the awful noise in California but none the less intended to drown us out. It failed miserably.We just got louder, and played the "awful screeching noise" back to them.

Interestingly the "Tech" to SPs is getting worse. We had the dreaded Finger from several female $cientologists, followed by thumbs in ears and waving of fingers and a male anon passed by sticking out a very large tongue.

OSA ladies spent the entire afternoon on the phones, whilst peering menacingly behind windows, walls and on one memorable occasion I saw one OSA lady come out of the lobby building and head towards a tree. I said any minute now she will appear and peep behind the tree to get a better look, and sure enough she did. More raucous laughter from the anons and her head disappeared very quickly but not before giving out a look of pure evil.

There were a few cars that drove with intent very close to the verge where the anons were standing and one in particular came in very close and very fast.Next time I will have a notebook and pen at the ready and I will be taking number plates.

We had only one policeman at a time in attendance and as always they were very courteous.

As it was getting dark, most anons were leaving and we were only three.This is when the $cientology handler came out. She homed in on me as I did not wear a mask.She asked me "why was I there?".So I told her bits of my story.She kept insisting that the "tech" was good and that LRH had given the world something invaluable.I told her LRH was not the great man She believed him to be.I asked her "if she thought it was ok to lock children in chain lockers on a ship, I asked her if She thought it was ok to Lock children in the hold of a ship and put them to work, expecting them to sleep in there" She said "No" and there were a couple of tears running down her face when I said this.I told her "well LRH did this". She said she thought I seemed like a nice person and asked "What I thought of the psychiatrists and what they do to people?" So I told her that when I left the Sea Org and seriously needed help, when offered a psychiatrist whom I quite possibly could have talked to I refused as I was just as afraid of the psychiatrists as I was of $cientology, if not more so because of being told how bad they were from the age of 6.

At one point early on in the conversation I almost lost my rag and spoke really loudly as I was annoyed and also because I wanted the OSA people to hear what I was saying.I really hope you look at the sites I suggested and there is a chink in your armor Eva.

We left by taxi and headed off for home. Thank you Mr. Taxi driver.

This was a fantastic day made all the more fun and enjoyable by my young friend NarCONon and all the other anons.I am sure I missed loads of bits out but already this is really long.

EPIC WIN anonymous!

Power Change

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This is absolutely awesome Tamasin !!! You have cahoonas ! From this ex scn to you--Thanks for fighting the fight.

Sharone Stainforth

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Thank you for your encouragement Good twin,Power Change,Zinjifar, Free to Shine,Div 6 and Degraded Being.

Yesterday was the first time I went to East.Grinstead and didn't feel sick, my stomach churning and full of nots.Usually I am a mess as I get near to the dreaded citadel of $cientology.This time felt different.Different because I had support in getting there.Different because instead of FEAR, I felt defiant.

Defiant because these bullies had held me down for so many years. I also do not hate the Scientologists,but I don't trust them.When a person is so wrapped up in the doctrines, writings and mindthink of one man L. Ron Hubbard, to the extent that LRH is seen as this powerful and incredible "messiah" who gave so much to the world. WTF?

The only thing LRH gave to the world were BTs and NO, $cientology cannot help you with that.

Couple of things I have learnt from protesting $cientology, they will do anything to try to stop the protests and prevent members seeing us.I can confront Scientologists.

Also that there still are some people in $cientology that are good people inside but as I told Eva. If you stay in $cientology for the next 10 years, you may find one day you are no longer the person you thought you were.That hit a chord, or I am a very bad judge of character.