ELFMAN Claims TOMKAT Marriage NOT in Trouble * NYChronicle 4/27/07


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This would carry more weight IF a "FRIEND" other than a Ronbot made the claim.


Tittle-Tattle Too: Elfman Slams Reports Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Marriage In Trouble - The Post Chronicle http://www.postchronicle.com/news/original/article_21277446.shtml

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Tittle-Tattle Too

Elfman Slams Reports Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Marriage In Trouble

By Staff

Apr 27, 2007

Actress Jenna Elfman has dismissed rumours Tom Cruise's marriage to Katie Holmes is in trouble.

Reports are claiming the Batman Begins actress is being forced to adopt Cruise's spiritual beliefs and is being kept in a "prison-like" environment.

But fellow Scientologist Elfman rubbishes the claims as nonsense, she says, "It's so absolutely not that. It's hard to give a detailed explanation on something that's simple.

"Honestly, do you have a great boyfriend or girlfriend? It's not a big deal, right? You have fun hanging out, and you like talking and sharing your ideas. It's exciting. That's their relationship."

Elfman attended the couple's star-studded November (06) wedding in Italy. (c) WENN

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It's strange how it always seem to be fellow Scientologists who come to the aid of Cruise, but never any others.

One wonders why! :hmm: