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Enid Vien


Howard Dickman
I just received news that Enid Vien passed away on December 9, 2012.

Enid Elizabeth Vien, was born November 14, 1942, to a mother who had lost her husband in a war that ended up killing most of Enid’s relatives. Educated in England, at an early age she began to question mans inhumane treatment to each other. In school they were teaching you to not hit or beat each other up, yet the adults were hurtling bombs, bullets and what not at each other without remorse. The dichotomy was very confusing. This started a young lady on her quest to seek answers to these controversial teachings.

Enid was involved with Scientology early in her career, having established the first Scientology Mission in San Diego. During the 70's she was the powerhouse behind the highly successful Adams Avenue Mission. She then established a mission in Flint, Michigan, but resigned, with a very public renouncement, when she perceived that the practices of the Church had taken a turn for the worse.

She returned to San Diego where she set up her own private practice but was litigated out of existence by the Church of Scientology. She then created her own form of help with the formation of Dynamism.

She has authored several books on the subject of dynamis clearing and the benefits of applying it to our everyday life. Considered the “expert” in Dynamis Clearing, she has left her mark on this world in hopes of making it a better place for us all. Perhaps we can all take advantage of this opportunity and make her vision a reality.

RIP dear Enid, I will miss you.

Howard Dickman


Formerly Fooled - Finally Free
Sorry for your loss.

RIP, Enid.


More memorial comments on her facebook


A bright light has faded . . . but not gone out.

Enid was such a force for good that the fond; and for some, beloved, memory of her force for good will live on.

Rest in peace a while from your work Enid. Your return to us, when you are ready, will be welcome.



Wow. I never knew her but when you read the messages on her FB page, to her, they clearly reveal how sacred people held their relationship to her.

I like this entry of hers on her own wall:

"Life is fleeting, we add our song
Making our mark as life rolls along."

xoxoxo Ya done good lady :)


I know she was a dear dear friend of Ted's (ESMB's).
I had bought a lot of her books and a few tapes in 2001. She was a happy sparkly soul who's photo always reminded me of a wise 14 th century sorceress. Last week upon awakening from a deep sleep I noticed myself in a mirror and I thought, OMG I am beginning to resemble Enid!

Ted said he was hoping to drop by and see her last year. I know the folks she counseled held her in very high regard. She knew how to get to 'what the heart feels' which is missing in Scn. She will be missed much.



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Enid and I were posting to Homer's list in 93/4 .. we chatted from time to time, she was sued by Scn for allegedly making copies of NOTS course packs (or something similar) - she finally settled with them, she was over a barrel...financially, but not before she told me that Scn had included wording in their proposed settlement that she never mention her cat being shot during the litigation. Then she settled the suit...and never spoke out again.

After I heard about her cat being shot, I was furious, and it was this that move me to switch from being a bit freezoney (yes, I once was a raisin picker) on alt.clearing.technology to master basher on alt.religion.scientology and started beating up on $cientology..

I was motivated.

Arnie Lerma

RIP Enid...the work will go on...


I am sad to hear of Enid's passing.
She had/has an impeccable reputation as a practitioner, and was/is loved by most who knew her.



Enid had a positive effect on my life.

I hope she's very happy and having fun....wherever she might be or whatever she might be doing.

Bye for now, lovely lady. :rose: