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ERRORS and gaps of the Scientology Statistic System - Ver.2

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by erni, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. PirateAndBum

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    It is based on Utilitarian Ethics - which is FAIL. Admin tech is an utter failure. Witness the fantastic state of the purveyor and #1 proponent of said system. It might be a nice system for a totalitarian regime though. I'm sure it would go over well in North Korea.
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  2. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    Yes, and that is why the "quickie auditing grades" happened a long time ago.
    (This was Hubbard's fault... overly simplistic individual staff stats.)
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  3. erni

    erni Patron

    The first version of this post I have published it on Apr 2018, and it is equal to this except the two graphs I have

  4. erni

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  5. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    As they are applied in Scientology stats are not so much a production management system as a system of punishment and control. If you read between Hubbard's sweet nothings you will find that he tells us what he actually thinks but because we want to believe his promises are real and that we haven't made poor decisions we press forward deeper into the onion dismissing and rationalizing glimpses into his true nature.

    One of the senior governing principles of using Scientology stats is that you punish down-statistics and reward up-statistics. And because Scientology is essentially the indoctrination of people in bigotry and fanaticism they aren't just referring to graphs. People themselves become euphemized as praised up-stats or denigrated down-stats, often both repeatedly, especially since they are denied the authority and resources to influence their own areas of responsibility and the organization constantly does stupid self-destructive things that depress stats and make steady up-trends impossible.

    Another big glimpse into Hubbard's mindset is he perceived "individual decision points" as a problem. This is why we see the absurdly overdone use of routing forms in Scientology. Routing forms anticipate every possible point of arbitrary decision that doesn't maximize asset stripping and strives to remove these to the extent that the respective staff at those points are automatons. Innovation and bright ideas are characterized as "Know-besty" and squirreling. I suspect that the earlier days where Scientology was growing, fun and prosperous was when people were still free to use their own common sense but the advent of the paramilitary Sea Org mentality heralded that demise.

    You will find much of the basic wog world business acumen, which Hubbard claimed to disregard, embodied in The Twelve Rules for Straight Thinking by William J. Reilly published three years before Dianetics and derived from two even earlier books.

    This combines two earlier books- Straight Thinking and How to Use Your Head. He tells the common mistakes we make in our thinking, how our prejudices affect our thinking, how we draw conclusions from limited evidence, how we draw faulty comparisons, etc. He reduces straight thinking to four simple steps (1) observation suggests a problem; (2) problem is defined and solution considered; (3) experiments are set up and observed; (4) conclusions are drawn on experiments or observations. From these four basic principles he develops his twelve rules for straight thinking.... Fairly elementary, but people who need this sort of book don't want profundity.

    I am convinced this book and others like it, which were very trendy in the business community at the time, served as the basis for Hubbard's Data Series which is used to interpret stats and assess problems and solutions and it contains the format for making a proposal submission that is virtually identical to Hubbard's despised CSW (Completed Staff Work) policy.

    However, in Scientology the rewards side of this equation is so paltry and perverted that the Scientology concept of reward has been reduced to less punishment and neglect instead of the anticipated reward. Even if you are successful in a Scientology organization and get elevated to a higher post or rank - you get all the increased responsibility, work load and risk with very little increase in benefit or protection if any at all. We see in the Sea Org where veteran staff who once held positions of authority and respect are relegated to menial back office positions for years and sometimes that is exactly how those people prefer it. I think Chuck Beatty said something to the effect that he found the RPF to be easier than regular post, for example. I can completely relate to that. The higher you go up the org board the less likely it will be that you can find a replacement to hold your post for the promised 3 week leave of absence and so we see staff going years without taking a LOA and even if they do chances are their stats will be down when they return and since they assign conditions based on 3 week graph trend lines it often takes at least 2 weeks to undo the prior 3. If your granted one day off every two weeks based on a 3 week trend you can go a very long time without a day off. After a while you are working regularly until 2 in the morning simply because that is the only way to keep your stats up. You don't need to be ordered to work 80 - 130 hour weeks. It becomes your accepted life style but by that time you are so sleep deprived and burned out you are only going through the motions. You have become robotic, another of Hubbard's favorite derogatory expressions. So now you are resigned to having to let the stats go down for a week or two just so they have a chance to go back up from something.

    Hubbard ranted against staff transfers unmocking the orgs but it is such a dog-eat-dog world that co-workers are struggling to get transferred to better orgs and units and higher units are struggling to rip them off and use lesser quality staff as coins to replace them. The best people ultimately get promoted to where they fail a la Scientology's deliberately exaggerated "The Peter Principle" universe and get inflicted with heavy ethics, something else Hubbard railed against yet institutionalized, until they leave staff or bail on Scientology completely. And so the stats are constantly crashing due to internal turmoil and if you complain using your knowledge of Scientologese then you are using policy to stop and open to accusations of being an SP.

    Sometimes the whole org will be assigned a lower condition and everyone will be on rice and beans for months. It doesn't matter if your area is up-stat. Hubbard often derided communist and socialist systems that didn't respect individual productivity or property but in practice Scientology is very much a communist/socialist system only without much if any redistribution. Even the staff training and auditing is so scarce and reserved for only the most proven and trusted servants (because so many leave in the first few years) that it too is a false promise of shared reward and even when auditing is given it is probably by students in training and not highly respected cash earners.

    Hubbard railed against stat pushes, or emphasizing stats over quality and service, but then he instills the LRH Birthday Game which is nothing more than a massive perpetual institutionalized stat push that pits orgs and staff against each other.

    It isn't possible to have a rational analysis of Scientology statistics unless it is being analyzed as a system of coercion. In fact, I would describe Scientology itself in it's entirety as a system of coercion. Somehow every piece of policy or tech no matter how innocent it might be in the wog world can somehow be defined and integrated into a system of coercion in Scientology. People wanting to remember past lives and controlling the cycle of reincarnation don't get into it expecting to be indoctrinated into fanaticism but that's exactly what it is. On another thread they are talking about hypnotism being used and although there may be the use of confusion techniques and temporary dissociation with the ganzfeld effect that can cause momentary lapses in judgement or suggestibility, I think Scientology is mostly good old fashioned coercion and indoctrination cleverly repackaged for a modern audience of seekers and utopianists.

    Yes, Hubbard used rhetoric to persuade. We all do, even here, but persuade to what? People on ESMB expect to be persuaded against getting involved with controlling culty organizations and people getting into Scientology expect rhetoric to persuade them into a workable spiritual and mental technology - they DO NOT start out expecting to be persuaded into becoming bigoted hypocritical fanatics that use something as mundane as statistics to enslave people. Scientology stats aren't supposed to make sense. From the first moment you use them to track your student points they are designed to get rid of sense.
  6. Dotey OT

    Dotey OT Cyclops Duck of the North - BEWARE

    My experience, in the S.O. for a short time, on staff just under ten years, working in WISE consulting businesses, working in a professional office as an office manager, I've never seen any consistency in the agreement, understanding or application of conditions, stats or ethics.

    I've seen a very wide range of interpretations of each one of the conditions, in CL V orgs, and in WISE applied businesses especially.

    I've gone to seminars from coast to coast, listened to a variety of the TOP WISE lecturers interpret things differently, newly, or partially disregarded. I've seen guys sell fucked up WISE admin courses. And if you've been around those, studied or sup'd those courses, you know what I mean.

    The ethics aspect policy etc, is the license to punish staff and public. It is one of the essential ingredients to the slavery that is LRH tech. It can be used to do anything that you want to someone else, and the victim has limited ways to fight, or it's almost impossible to fight, with unbounded injustices.
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  7. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    And we can ask, "Why so much need to punish"?

    To crush resistance, dissent and challenging thought.
    To instill agreement that the COS has some kind of governing administrative and judicial authority even over personal affairs.
    To convince people that they must make sacrifices and make others make sacrifices and realign their priorities with Hubbard's.
    To control the flow of information and disclosure of lies, abuse and actual conditions.

    And perhaps most importantly - to manipulate and break people simply because they can. I do believe Hubbard got enjoyment out of this and the organization was structured to serve his personal interests afterall. That he became so ruthless and cruel as soon as he got people isolated on the ships is very telling.

    As the conversation developed, Hubbard told Nairn that making a buck was not the only motivating factor. “He did say that although the initial thing was money, he had also become fascinated by ‘catching’ people, especially clever people, at luring them in,” recalls Nairn, “I remember him saying it reminded him of fishing with his father. You cast out your line to fool a beautiful silvery fish – that was the whole fun of it – of tricking it and luring it in, deceiving it.”
    Hubbard explained to Nairn that as a child, he and his father made fishing flies and lures together, experimenting with what would work, and what wouldn’t. According to Nairn, Hubbard said, “I never understood why a beautiful fish could be caught by a fake fly.” Hubbard was admitting his life’s work was, like fly-fishing, all about camouflage and deception. Hubbard mused about how intelligent people got caught up in Scientology. “I remember him specifically talking about two medical doctors, (who got involved in Scientology) as if they should have known better,” says Nairn. “I remember a sense of triumph from him over this idea – as if he felt some of his victims were maybe brighter than he was – but that they were needy, gullible – that he understood the human animal and its ‘needs’ – exploitable needs – backwards.”
  8. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    More on stats and LOAs. This story is consistent with my experience while LRH was alive and running things so for any Scientologists who think the organization really runs on stats and things like people not being able to take LOAs is an aberration of Hubbard's admin policy due to Miscavige - my answer is that they can and do constantly create Catch-22 situations under and after LRH that make stat management irrelevant. In fact I'd say that stats are so irrelevant to how the organization is actually managed that the only practical purpose for stats in a Scientology organization is to keep people mindlessly running in circles because they no longer know anything different and they have so little actual control over anything meaningful that it gives them purpose. Maybe before LRH jacked the prices up so high that the average person couldn't afford the lower level of the Bridge there was some point to stats but because they rely so much on elite whales for revenue I expect most staff are essentially just prop window dressing for the con now and even then they are trading them out for TV screens and highly sanitized promo vids because they no longer trust them to give a convincing spiel. What is the stat for a receptionist now - number of videos watched? Number of whole minutes a video is watched? Number of times a video is suggested for watching?

    6. While policy entitles a staff member to 3 weeks annual leave, the truth is it's almost impossible to get an LOA authorized and at the upper levels of the church, the concept is all but canceled. As this is an international church, one could estimate that over 75% of the upper level staff work 1,000 miles or more from where their families live. I would estimate that less than 5% of the staff take a leave in a year, well over 75% haven't gone home in 5 years and over 50% haven't gone home in over 10 years. Even if ones mother or father dies, the staff member still has to go through security checks, get post coverage, a list of approvals, etc. to attend the funeral. If you jump through all the hoops and somehow had the flight money saved up, you are doing good to get home before the burial. That's if you were lucky enough to get the phone message passed on to you at all.
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  9. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    For all that Hubbard ranted about communists, the reason why his orgs fail is because they are set up as communist entities.

    In a market economy, if workers are not being compensated to their satisfaction, they are free to quit and go work elsewhere (if they can find a place which offers them a better deal). If an employer thinks a worker could be replaced by somebody better (at the same price), then that worker is fired and replaced. No need for punishment or harsh discipline --- improve or say goodbye.

    The Sea Org people are not employees. They are slaves to be whipped.
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  10. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    Agreed. There is much more in common between Scientology and communism than free enterprise systems. I'd even say that there is more in common with the ancient Chinese totalitarian system of legalism than communism but both emphasize centralized control of resources, the strict division of society into specialized units for production exclusively to serve the state and a Stazi style snitch dossier culture. Note that communism, legalism and Scientology all justify their forms of totalitarianism based on existential threats of war and annihilation from some nemesis like nuclear war or as with Scientology - their battle for survival with Interpol, the media who already have their story and psychiatry, or even being forced to report to a between lives implant station on the dark side of the moon presumably being run by alien psychiatrists that haven't been reincarnated as Earth psychiatrists yet. Totalitarianism needs an enemy and fear and for a doctrine that promises total cause over life and livingness Scientology is very much embedded with fear.

    To be fair religious orders do tend to be literally commune in nature and in that regard the Sea Org is communistic but people joining a Franciscan monastery or even the Taliban, for example, know exactly what they are getting into and Scientologists do not. To become a card carrying Scientologist means you have signed NDAs and waivers that give them the right to lie, obfuscate and abuse you with impunity in the name of religion. A true Scientologist doesn't need or want full disclosure. Scientology is more like the Taliban with a monasterial (albeit paramilitary) facade:

    Telling an acceptable truth in Scientology becomes Taqiyah.
    Squirrels and SPs are Infidels.
    Fair game is Fatwa.
    KSW is Sharia.
    Planetary clearing is Jihad

    I think this thread started off trying to apply reason to Scientology stats which wrongly assumes that Scientology stats are supposed to make sense but it is important to illustrate how they constitute a critical and incremental component to the path into indoctrination and control. There really isn't any good reason for students to track student points for every word defined and every check sheet item completed unless you are trying to instill compliance to arbitrary forms of discipline. This then devolves into more bigotry as people are labelled slow, or glib for being too fast. These stats then become integrated into other things like staff posting evaluations and can result in being denied advancement but some people are slow and have strong retention and some people are fast and do not and visa versa. Reducing people to statistics is dehumanizing and ignores unique qualities but if you are trying to empty a vessel so it can be refilled in your image then this makes sense.

    Maybe in an ideal honest environment this emphasis on stats could have a net positive effect but in the hypocritical context of Scientology with all of it's hidden agendas management by stats is perverted from the start.

    We tend to get into the weeds about whether LRH, Scientology or the organization under Miscavige is politically left or right but it is more appropriate to view Scientology as a study in hypocrisy and deception. In one of his more enlightening screeds below, Hubbard tells us how much he is against welfare and in support of rewarding production - yet, there is very little in the way of reward for production in the Scientology universe and a lot of raking off the top and diverting funds to off shore accounts and luxury items for the guy at the top while the sleep deprived underlings try to survive on subsistence wages, irreducible food allocations and sleeping 10 to 20 in a room going years without a vacation. And as much as Hubbard voiced his resentment of welfare he desperately wanted Scientology study tech to take over public education so he could get government education funds, to take over psychiatry so he could get government funds for mental health,...government welfare for criminal rehab, drug rehab, administering the purification rundown to military victims of gulf war syndrome, etc.

    After the 1977 FBI raids he set up the SEF (Safe Environment Fund) demanding money for nothing from Scientology public to pay for legal fees and presumably to fund his bug-out bag after putting his wife in the position of overseeing the burglarizing of government offices over 100 times. What is that if not welfare? Oh yes, it's a "donation". But this all must have worked because it was expanded and reconstituted as the IAS and it's insatiable demand for welfare to pay for a real estate portfolio buildup. A portfolio that is tax exempt leaving communities like Clearwater to subsidize Scientology with yet another form of welfare. Ultimately LRH envisioned all world governments using Scientology management technology and it's embedded judicial procedures at which point it wouldn't just get government welfare - it would be the government.

    But in LRH and Scientologist's minds Scientology is senior to life itself because it is the only thing that understands and can save life for all eternity so it alone is deserving of all this welfare because it is actually just rewarding an upstat and not really welfare at all.

    The whole decay of Western government is explained in this seemingly obvious law:
    If you reward nonproduction you get nonproduction.
    When you penalize production you get nonproduction.
    The welfare state can be defined as that state which rewards nonproduction at the expense of production. Let us not then be surprised that we all turn up at last slaves in a starved society.
  11. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    Religious orders might be organized along communistic lines, but the difference between a convent and Soviet communism is that, at any time, the nun can say "I'm sorry, I've decided this isn't what I want to do", and walk out. And no blow drill, or guards with dogs, will chase her to bring her back.

    The ability to leave operates as a feedback mechanism which puts a lid on major abuse, whether in monastery or kibbutz.
  12. Leland

    Leland Crusader


    This can happen to an entire Country. Iran is a religious Theocracy...

    Today, Tehran, Iran is the largest city in the Middle East. Population of around 10 million people.

    Currently, only about 25% of the people in Iran own their own homes.

    There has been terrible inflation of their Country's Currency.....mainly caused by Government mistakes IMO.
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  13. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    In Hymn of Asia Hubbard declares that there can be love for all kinds of things including insects and he also preaches that each of the 8 dynamics should coexist and be in-exchange with each other but in practice Scientology teaches people to think of and treat people who voice their disagreement like vermin that should be destroyed without sorrow comparing them to squirrels and lice. Which are we to believe? Do we love squirrels and lice and only hate people who are compared to them? Which line of indoctrination are we signing on for - love or hate? Scientologists are so whipsawed between these extremes with Hubbard talking out of both sides of his mouth that you can't be a Scientologist without rationalizing both extremes to the point that hatred of SPs and denigration of down-stats becomes an expression of love for Hubbard and Scientology. Scientologists are drilled with TRs to be wooden and taught that expression of emotion is a bad thing, it's case and HE&R (Human Emotion and Reaction) to the point that they no longer pay attention to how they feel about being taught to love and hate at the same time. They are taught that they are supposed to be able to go up or down the tone-scale easily, naturally and appropriately for the circumstances without corrupting influence from the reactive mind but they are so conflicted over Hubbard's dichotomies that they get stuck in this zone where intuition is compartmentalized and emotion is artificial. If you don't display the artificial emotion you are somehow down tone. They are taught that they can be in present time and obnose or see things as they are without distortion - the whole time being completely engulfed in a haze of distortion about what it means to be in present time and to observe.

    Statistical management is a great innovation for indoctrination into not feeling because it omits variables like independent thinking. You don't get a student point for thinking outside the doctrine. You only get points for referring to Source, no verbal data, read it again and again and clear your misunderstood words and clay demo it until you see it Hubbard's way.

    So this isn't just a matter of force and coercion at the point of leaving. It is a matter of deception and coercion from the start. Everything in Scientology has two philosophically opposing narratives either being taught or practiced by Hubbard and the organization. I have little doubt that other more innocuous groups don't tell people everything up front but even the Taliban know they are signing on to kill people so in that regard even they are more honest than Scientology.
  14. erni

    erni Patron