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Escaping from a Scientology Narconon drug rehab center: A transcript


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Escaping from a Scientology Narconon drug rehab center: A transcript

Tony Ortega: Escaping from a Scientology drug rehab center: A transcript

Recently, we received a message through Facebook from someone we didn’t know. She was frantic, worried about getting her cousin out of a drug rehab clinic in Michigan. The clinic, Best Drug Rehabilitation, is one of several Michigan facilities either owned or run by Per Wickstrom or a member of his family, and is modeled on Scientology’s drug rehab network, Narconon. Like Narconon centers, Best Drug uses Scientology training rather than drug counseling on its patients, who are not informed ahead of time of that link. We’ve provided this transcript from actual Facebook messages, with only slight edits for clarity and spelling, and we’ve changed the name of the woman who contacted us to “Anne.”

August 28, 8:52 pm
ANNE: ***


Formerly Fooled - Finally Free
At Narconon Reviews and Reaching For The Tipping Point we get complaints like this nearly every week. Sometimes via Facebook. Glad she reached out to Tony and he helped. Spotlighting the issue in that article will help others. The Manistee and Battle Creek Police Depts both know about these facilities run by Per Wickstrom. They are called often to help get a loved one out. Investigations are ongoing. :thumbsup: