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Some Gottabrain videos. There are more:

Once upon a time, Gottabrain posted on ESMB. Nowadays, she can be found sometimes posting on WWP.

The following is from a recent post there:

OK guyz...

I blush at the appreciation. Never thought my posts stood out that much at ESMB. So thanks.

It was up to the administrators to handle my ESMB membership when I quit. I wasn't booted. I wasn't mistreated. I have nothing but kind comments for ESMB.

That's a hard forum to run with a mix of newly outs and I truly appreciate ESMB, esp. Veda, HH, Syn, and the rest. These are my friends. No hard feelings. Truly.

I quit because, quite simply, the scn talk and some of the scn reactions make me spinny. I've been out too long to easily think this way - it's like putting my brain through a sieve or a blender. I chose not to do that to myself that's all. Arguing with those who still think like scns annoys the shit out of me! A few people talk in circles forever. Those 3 or 4 people are DIEHARD CULTISTS and they ooze their phlegmatic disassociated fog onto ESMB constantly.

Sometimes I just want to throttle them and say WAKE THE FUCK UP! I'm not the only one who feels that way, but I am way ruder than the others and have far less patience.
[Note: Here, Gottabrain is being too hard on herself, IMO.] Doesn't exactly bring out the best in me and I don't like being that way either...

Call it selfish, but to me it's self preservation. I respect my stomach and my peace of mind more than I wish to speak to those nut cases. I've had enough toxic cult members for the rest of my life...


Gottabrain is currently listed as a "guest" but, according to her, "It was up to the administrators to handle [her] ESMB membership when [she] quit."

As a guest, Gottabrain's posts are not easily locatable, and there is no profile, and no list of posts or threads. Also, the ESMB search function can not be used to search Gottabrain's posts.

I notice that Alanzo, who is banned, still has a profile and his posts can be located, and his posts can be searched - which is good.

Hopefully, Gottabrain can be given her profile back with its list of posts and threads, so that others can consult her writings and locate he posted videos.

I'm sure the rules can be modified slightly, in the spirit of making useful information available.

Meanwhile, for those who haven't seen them, enjoy the videos.

Just want to say thanks for posting the vids Veda,

Also want to say what a wonderful woman Sheila is, & I wish her all the best with whatever she does in her future life ... :clap::clap:

& thank you to her for the great Videos, what hardship, what strength & what courage, & what truth on the record ...... for others to see .... :clap::clap:

It is a real shame she no longer posts here, I liked her posts when she was here too, (hadn't realized she was gone either) but respect her decissions .... :yes:
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