ESMB changes since the hack


I tried to reply to Reuben Hart's thread in the New Member Introductions. I posted the reply and it didn't show up, so I tried to post it again and I just got a message that I already posted it, but the post itself doesn't show up on the thread. It says on the Forum that the post is there, but when I click on it, that links to an earlier post that I made yesterday and my recent post isn't on the thread. It disappeared somewhere. ??????????????????????


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Forgive me for being dense, does that mean I have to download it and then upload it when I want to use it?

Emma has fixed it, as you can see from the popular smiley list on the right in the edit box.

But to answer your original question, what I had been doing is just putting the photobucket link (kindly provided by someone) for the image inside the usual image tags. You can see the link by hitting quote (it's at When I wanted to use it, I would just open up "my posts" and find the last time I used it and copy/paste the link from there.

I was going to upload it myself to the usual reliable place on one of my own sites I use for hosting images I link to, just in case that photobucket link stopped working, but never got around to doing it.