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I keep getting unwanted mail from COS, Flag especially. So the other day a calendar of events showed up and I thought hhhmmmm... Maybe there is someone in FL that is bored and would like to visit Flag to protest, so here is their schedule:

July 24th - 31st - Taiwan Week
All Taiwanese Scientologists have been invited to Flag for the week.

August 7th -21st - CIS Weeks
Russian speaking Scientologists are invited to Flag.

August 14th -21st - Italian Week
All Italian Scientologists are invited to Flag.

August 21st - 23rd - International OT Committee Convention.
OTs, OT Ambassadors and OT Committee members will be meeting at Flag to align OT forces from around the world. :omg: Sounds powerful.

September 4th - 6th - Auditors Day Event & Convention

September 11th -13th - Bridge Acceleration Convention

October 16th - 17th - 25th Anniversary International Association of Scientologists

They also say that on a weekly basis they have the following events:

  • Flag Graduation
  • After Graduation party at The Pavillion by the Pool and at the Fort Harrison Restaurants (The Garden, Hourglass and Hibiscus)
  • Sunday Service in the Flag Auditorium
  • Sunday Brunch - following Sunday Service - in the Hibiscus Restaurant

La La Lou Lou

Oh thanks BC1, how I wish I could go!

It sounds so delightful.

If only I wasn't so far away!

Shucks, may be someother lifetime:no: