EVERY jail in England has been infiltrated by alien-obsessed Scientologists


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EVERY jail in England has been infiltrated by alien-obsessed Scientologists, it emerged today.

Published: Today

Followers of the wacky "church" claim to have signed up thousands of cons to a bizarre "rehab" programme behind bars.
But officials freely admit there is no way they can STOP the cult's vast recruitment drive — because it does not "threaten" national security.
A wing of weird religion, called Criminon, today revealed it had targeted lags in all 139 prisons in England and Wales.
It offers "distance-learning" courses to prisoners by letter and email and claims they help cons learn "moral values".
A statement on Criminon's website reads: "Criminon UK provides crime prevention and rehabilitation programmes to people in need.
"It also delivers drug rehabilitation programmes to offenders.
"It is a registered charity and the programmes are available to anyone regardless of race, religion, sex, age, disability or offence committed.
"Criminon organisations worldwide provide the programme using courses that address some of the key factors that are known to cause criminality, such as lack of self respect, illiteracy and a lack of moral values."
One inmate at HMP Blundeston, near Lowestoft, Suffolk, claimed: "Doing this course helped me find myself again.
"I won't lie, before I came to prison I was lost, I had no self-respect or no respect for others and I had no direction in life.
"Doing this course has got me focused again and on what I want out of life."
A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: "The National Offenders Management Service is aware of a number of cases where prisoners have engaged in correspondence with Criminon.
"Rules concerning prisoners' access to letters contain the presumption that correspondence will not generally be restricted or stopped unless the restriction is a proportionate response (i.e. a threat to national security, prevention of crime).
"Legal advice is that letters from Criminon do fall into this category and therefore should not be withheld from the prisoner to whom they are addressed.

"Prison staff have been advised to guide any prisoners who have been contacted by Criminon toward a Counselling, Assessment, Referral, Advice and Throughcare referral."
Critics claim Scientology — which counts stars like Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and John Travolta among its converts — is a dangerous cult.
Founded by sci-fi writer L Ron Hubbard in 1952, followers believe humans were brought to Earth 75million years ago by an evil galactic ruler.
Last year the Church of Scientology was fined £545,000 in France and its leader handed a suspended two-year jail sentence after being convicted of cheating vulnerable members out of their life savings.

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2924752/Scientologists-infiltrate-jails.html#ixzz0kXUHfDLu
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It's a shame the article didn't mention Miscavige's violence in the final paragraphs.


Davey is presently doing his setups for participation in the distance-learning Criminon program. When he is done with the actual program it will be altered and elevated to GAC -- Golden Age of Criminon.

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