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Hi Gus,
You're welcome on the links. I've read so much in 3 years and it isn't all

organized, but I recall most of the good stuff.

Also I saw much with my own eyes like earliest Clearwater, inner sanctum

meetings in Portland, weird feelings from Snow White pawns or players at

FCDC, and others.

PM me if you want or not, as all should be available to all except GO/OSA.

Ah, yes - I was at Flag in 1983, back when it still looked kinda shabby. Someone was trying to reg me for the SO until I told him how old I was (I was under 18). Of course now, they'd just reg the poor kid and guilt his parents into signing the release. But things weren't quite so out of hand at that time.

But OTOH, there was this fund-raiser at a hotel conference room in Portland where they closed the doors and wouldn't let anyone leave until some quota was met. It went until well after midnight. Ken Hoden ran that one. I guess he was a bigwig at the Portland Org back then (around 1979 or '80 or so). Pretty weird being a kid in that room. I don't even recall what the damn fundraiser was for, but it was some kind of big threat to eternity. Now that I think of it, it must have had something to do with Julie Christofferson.



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Welcome, Gus! Thank you for sharing your story.

I'm one of those early '70s people who met Rocky, too. (He and Martin Samuels were two of the kha-khans I knew who were declared - bizarre as it is, that was really kind of common.)...

Thanks for reading :)

I had met Martin, too, but I didn't realize he was a Kha Khan. I just knew he had a huge mission (Davis, CA) and I think one or two more. Then one day he became an "un-person." I thought that was really weird - I knew the guy, and he sure didn't seem like an SP to me! I wasn't aware of the Mission Holder's Conference and Slappy's Finance Gestapo until years later. The guy who ran my mission got declared too - I really wondered WTF was going on. Of course, nobody would talk about it - that would be "spreading entheta" (barf).

Those three guys were always in the back of my mind, though, and there was always that little voice saying "something's wrong here." Well, damn near every one of the original Saint Hill staff got declared too, so I guess Rocky, Martin, and my mission holder are in good company :)



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Thanks Gus for speaking out. Particularly your words on Catholic Charities, it made me feel proud to be Catholic and Anonymous both....

That is something I've always admired about Catholics - they don't make a big deal about it, they just help.



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Hi Gus, welcome

I too started noticing the changes after LRH dropped his body.

Too many new releases replacing the old books making them invalid. My gut instinct was, this aint right. It just kept happening for every event, LRH prepared all of this in advance LOL.

The stats at the events were becomming more and more obvious BS. You know when you are being lied to.

And now you can obtain LRH's true biography off the internet and it don't match.

I'm super glad you are no longer lurking. This is the right thing to do. Keep posting.