EX-Rock Star Shilling for NarCONon 1/18/07


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Woody's straight talk on children and drugs

FORMER Drifield rock star Woody Woodmansey is spearheading a major awareness campaign aimed at helping children stay clear of drugs.

Woody, the former drummer with David Bowie's band, The Spiders, is now a trustee of a drug rehabilitation centre.During his music career spanning 30 years, Woody has played and toured with some of the best - Dexys Midnight Runners, Paul McCartney, Edgar Winter, Art Garfunkel and more recently, Joe Elliott and Phil Collin of Def Leppard.

He said that he saw what drugs did to friends in the music business and that it is a very different picture from the glamour fans see on stage.He has seen musicians behind the scenes crash and burn from constant drug-taking - and is concerned to see how widespread drugs have become over the last three decades or so.

As a result, he became a trustee for Narconon, a drug rehabilitation centre based in Hastings.

"Drug testing in schools is not the answer to the drugs problem," said Woody, formerly of Victoria Road, Driffield. "It wasn't a deterrent in the 60s and 70s and it won't be now."

He said that scare tactics did not work and that it was far better to talk straight with children and to show respect for their ability to think for themselves.

"Effective drug education in schools does work. Fear of being caught is not an effective deterrent,"Woody added."With the stress on education, one is making an informed choice. It has been found that when people do have the correct information about what drugs actually do, they end up not taking drugs on their own self-determinism."The correct target is the kids before they take or consider taking drugs; the target is not after they have already started on the slippery slope."

18 January 2007

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Woody Has (old) Cookie Cutter Pages

Scientology - Woody Woodmansey a Scientologist - find out what I have gained from Scientology...


hello, my name is Woody Woodmansey, and here is a little bit about myself:
    I was born in Yorkshire, in the small town of Dreffield. I moved to London when I was nineteen. I am a musician. I started drumming in a local band when I was fourteen. I met my wife-to-be that same year, and we now have three boys. I joined David Bowie aged nineteen and became one of "The Spiders From Mars", his backing band. Since then, I've continued in the music business with various bands both recording and touring. I am currently working on my own drum based album.

     I became a Scientologist in 1973.
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     I've been reading L.Ron Hubbard's books and using the information to help improve many areas of my life since 1973. I have found his observations on relationships, children, work, honesty, "the arts" and other areas to be true for me and have made it possible for me to be more in control of my life than I ever hoped possible.

     One area in particular was "stage fright", or that feeling of not being at ease in certain situations. Being a musician meant being in those situations more than most people, and although it never stopped me doing my job, I knew it made me less able than I could be. I thought "maybe it's normal, I guess that's what I'm like", but it still didn't seem fair or right to feel that uncomfortable.

     After studying L.Ron Hubbard's technology on this subject and then using it in my life, I was able to wipe out completely this unwanted feeling. This to me was like a miracle and it totally changed my life. I now feel comfortable whether there's three or thirty thousand people in front of me.

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on a.r.s.:

I used to know Woody extremely well, along with his wife and other members off one of his bands. I even went on tour with them once as a photographer.

In the end though Woddy sold his drum kit and started painting houses for a living - that's the actual house not on a canvas!! He painted my house I remember.

He bought a house in East Grinstead and sort of settled down. I lost contact with him in 1982 when I left the cult.

If he is back drumming again that would be great because he was a terrific drummer. Sad about him and narconon though but it's what I would have expected as he is a rabid scientologist.

There was a huge hope that he would bring David Bowie into the cult but that never happened.