Ex RTC 2nd in command Jesse Prince speaks about Scientology


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The video below is almost 12 years old, from a press conference in Clearwater on December 4th, 1998 but what is said is still very much true today and is well worth watching if you haven't already seen it. Below is the text that goes with the YouTube video as posted by "TheOneAndOnlyXenu"

Jesse Prince left Scientology in 1992, after practising Scientology and working for the cult for over 16 years. In that period he reached one of Scientology's highest ranks. Jesse Prince served as second in command at one of Scientology's main organizations, the RTC (Religious Technology Centre) and also on their Board of Directors. He became one of the cult's major critics and in his affidavit (available at the link below) amongst other things he talks of Scientology's current leader, David Miscavige mentally and physically abusing members including himself.

Link to affidavit: http://www.factnet.org/Scientology/je...


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sea org double standard

What a fascinating expose! Why are Jesse Prince's statements not quoted more often? He swore out and signed an affidavit? In part is one of the very many very interesting statements by Jesse in 1998:

October 2, 1998
By Jesse Prince

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More often than not, on orders from Miscavige to get the stats up, Fran Harris would bypass Bridge Publications and go direct to org finance personnel and demand that the orgs buy books from BPI so that ASI would get its weekly commissions. Fran enforced her demands by using lower conditions, ethics hearings, comm evs and just plain intimidation to make the nonprofit scientology orgs pay money to BPI, often before the org had even had a chance to feed and clothe it's staff. BPI never saw much of this money itself, as it was considered that BPI owed a debt to ASI going back to before ASI was ever incorporated. This action, which went on every week, was a known criminal act by all concerned, as not only did it violate Scientology's own policy of corporate integrity, it also violated the laws of the land.

ASI is a for-profit corporation and paid its staff minimum wage plus a bonus based on royalties collected. Every week ASI had to get more and more money in order to keep its stats up to receive bonuses. ASI staff were in fact Sea Org members that were paid very well when you consider the average Sea Org member was paid $24.00 per week. It was considered a privilege to be on staff at ASI and the staff were encouraged not to discuss with other Sea Org members what they were paid weekly in order not to create a rift among Sea Org members.
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