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Ex-Scientology members to meet MPs


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Two former members of the Church of Scientology are keen to tell Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott of their concerns about the church, senator Nick Xenophon says.

Liz and James Anderson have been disconnected from their daughter who they say is being held the church's headquarters in the United States.

'Here is a chance for the prime minister and the opposition leader to hear first hand what it is like to be a victim of the Church of Scientology,' Senator Xenophon told reporters in Canberra on Wednesday.

They would be accompanied by a woman who was coerced into having two abortions while she was a member of the church, he said.

The Senate will decide on Thursday whether to back Senator Xenophon's call for an inquiry into the church.

'So I think it's important for members of parliament to hear first hand from these victims before they decide whether there should be an inquiry or not.'

Mr and Mrs Anderson will meet some MPs and senators later on Wednesday, morning, but they wanted to meet directly with Mr Rudd and Mr Abbott, Senator Xenophon said.