Ex Scientology Women speak out

And let's interview Debrah Kitchings regarding the Flo Barnett death case! :thumbsup:

From: http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2012/01/the_strange_dea.php

"We were stunned when Debrah Kitchings said it: in the 26 years since she investigated the odd death of Mary Florence "Flo" Barnett for the Los Angeles County Coroner, she has not once been asked by a reporter about what she remembers of the case.

Only once in that time, she says, was she ever asked about it at all.

"I think her daughter or a relative sent a letter, an inquiry, I think," Kitchings says."

"Today, Kitchings is retired and lives in Riverside County, California, but in 1985, she was an investigator with the LA Department of Coroner when, on the night of September 8, she was called to Dominguez Valley Hospital in Compton to conduct a gunshot residue test on the hands of the dead woman.

Despite the passage of time, Kitchings remembers the case well. And she suspects that there's a reason I'm interested in this one death out of the many she handled over her career.

"It has something to do with Scientology, right?"

Indeed, it does. Over the years, interest in the death of Flo Barnett has endured because of her connection to the Church of Scientology -- Barnett's daughter, Michelle "Shelly" Barnett, in 1981 married David Miscavige, who today is the supreme leader of the worldwide religion. Flo was Miscavige's mother-in-law, and Shelly herself has not been seen in public with her husband since 2006."

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Thanks S&L, they are on my list. I am only doing 1-2 a day now as there is enough to keep reading for a while and so I can do better research. Links welcome. :)

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FTS the Anderson women ie Jordi and me are more than happy for u to use our story, info e.g 4Corners doco etc... and certainly happy to give further info. I think it's great for women to be heard and make a stand. Great job too :thumbsup:

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FTS the Anderson women ie Jordi and me are more than happy for u to use our story, info e.g 4Corners doco etc... and certainly happy to give further info. I think it's great for women to be heard and make a stand. Great job too :thumbsup:

Ok you're next on the list. :)

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There are now 26 blog posts/stories with nearly a thousand hits and it's only been a couple of weeks.
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This just posted on The Frisky

Pray Tell: What Women Should Know About Scientology
Lilit Marcus 46 MINUTES AGO
These days, Scientology is everywhere – three books are out this month alone, including Pulitzer Prize winner Lawrence Wright’sGoing Clear, which has been featured everywhere from CNN to the New York Times Book Review. Yesterday, several ex-members filed a lawsuit against the Church, saying that Scientology kept asking them for more and more money for shadowy projects which were never completed, then had them blacklisted for asking questions about where the money went.

I believe in freedom of religion. But as a longtime religion reporter, I know enough about Scientology to think that the Church is dangerous and harmful. In particular, it’s terrible for the women who join it. It may be funny to watch the Xenu clip from South Park, but many of the labor violations and harsh punishments against women in the Church should give you a sense of why this religion isn’t amusing – it’s scary.

1. They have forced or coerced women to get abortions.
Members of Scientology’s Sea Org – the Church’s most loyal and devoted members, who sign billion year contracts (yes, that’s billion) – are discouraged from having children, lest that distract them from their work responsibilities. Several ex-members have spoken out saying that they were pressured to get abortions, even if they didn’t want to. One, Laura DeCrescenzo, alleged that she was forced to get an abortion when she was 17. Another ex-member, Astra Woodcraft, deliberately got pregnant so that she would be able to leave the Sea Org. She has since founded a support forum for children who were raised in Scientology, called Ex-Scientology Kids. Another cofounder, Jenna Miscavige Hill, is the niece of the Church’s head, David Miscavige, and has a memoir coming out next month in which she details how and why she escaped the group.

Read Full Article: http://www.thefrisky.com/2013-01-25...-should-know-about-scientology/#disqus_thread


Thanks for the bumping JB! Somehow or other I had missed Nan Mclean's incredible story, I downloaded the transcript and gave it a read, a fascinating and disturbing insight into how the GO (later to be OSA) operates, yowza!:omg:
To common, everyday folk who know very little about the dark side of the cult of Scientology, I can understand that first-hand accounts like this can seem far-fetched and bizarre, but to those who spend a bit of time researching putting the pieces together, painted is an ugly picture of a terrifying and twisted organization.
Thanks LRon you dead demented fuck-wad, hopefully the hell you're spinning in is much hotter than the Van Allan Belt :grouch:


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Thanks for the bump... this led me to the ex-scn kids website. I am always looking for some of those cadets I knew as a public when I was auditing them. Anyway, this story stood my hair on end. I had NO IDEA there was a shooting of several staff in Portland in the 90's. Might be old news to a lot of you on this board, but I am not even a noobie at this point and had never seen this. WOW.http://exscientologykids.com/bea-story/