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Exclusive: Scientology's Big Gay Problem, Part 1: LRH's War Against Homosexuality


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Here is a short excerpt of a new article as it appears in The Morton Report, written by Skip Press (former writer for Freedom Magazine, yeah, THAT Freedom Magazine. :biggrin:)

Exclusive: Scientology's Big Gay Problem, Part 1: LRH's War Against Homosexuality

By Skip Press, Contributor
September 20, 2011 3:05 PM

The following is part one of our mini-series on Scientology's long-time stance against homosexuality, its discriminatory practices against gays within its ranks, and how founder L. Ron Hubbard's own early sexual "experiences" may have unduly affected his view on homosexuality.

Objection and Defection

Paul Haggis' (two-time Oscar-winning writer/director) now well-publicized defection from the Church of Scientology came about for numerous reasons.

As he outlined in his letter of departure: (a) Haggis has two lesbian daughters and supports gay and lesbian rights, (b) an employee of the San Diego church signed Scientology's name to a petition supporting California’s Proposition 8, which denied gay and lesbian couples the right to legally wed, (c) he had expressed his displeasure to church spokesman Tommy Davis and been told something would be done but Haggis felt it had not, and (d) Haggis claimed that his daughter Katy was ostracized by Scientologists after she revealed she was a lesbian.

Although Tommy Davis claimed there was no such prejudice in the church, Lawrence Wright pointed out in his February 2011 New Yorker article about Haggis and Scientology that when he examined recent copies of L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics, the definition of "sexual pervert" included homosexuals and lesbians.

Haggis had other major problems with Scientology despite his 35-year membership, not the least of which was that his wife, actress Debbie Rennard, was ordered to “disconnect” (completely shun) her parents when they left Scientology.

Rennard’s own membership rivaled Haggis in time spent; prior to marrying the moviemaker, she had a long relationship with the late film director and acting coach Milton Katselas, whose acting classes at his Beverly Hills Playhouse formed a literal feeder unit for the Scientology Celebrity Centre for decades. Many well-known stars like Anne Archer, Catherine Bell, Jenna Elfman, Priscilla Presley, and Giovanni Ribisi studied there (although Ribisi was born into a Scientology family).

What most people reading Wright’s article did not know is: Dianetics and Scientology, and the gay and lesbian lifestyle have been at odds since the beginning, because of none other than Lafayette Ronald Hubbard.

Whenever the subject of gays and Scientology comes up in conversation, it is inevitable that someone in the know will point out that Scientology celebrities rumored to be gay cannot leave Scientology because their “pre-clear folders” (the notated record of counseling session, recorded by hand as it progresses) would be exposed to the public at large, thereby ruining a gay or bisexual actors’ chances of getting straight leading roles.

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