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Patron Meritorious
I couldn't be more sincere, but your answer hasn't really got me any further towards understanding how one processes incoming stimuli like vision, sound etc. without the aid of sensory organs and a brain to organise it all. I don't mean to sound rude or disrespectful, but saying "it's a matter of exteriorizing the etheric body from the physical body" doesn't provide me with the detailed information I'm looking for.
Well, start with the fact that it does happen, according to many people including the DoD remote viewers, and then explain it however you want. Hint: consciousness is primary, physicality is secondary. Near-death experiencers have proven you don't need a brain to perceive, though it sure is easier with one.


Patron Meritorious
If I may, this etheric body seems to be an extremely sticky thetan suit you become convinced to try on and then find you can't get out of it and that suit is tuned into this physical realm and through it you see and experience this realm like it's some kind of a radio receiver and that is the thing that gets you stuck in a head. It just won't unbind with the body once it gets situated until death or later... I only saw it once when I was out and in front of a TV and the black and white rays illuminated it scaring the shit out of my cousin off to the left from me watching the TV. My grandmother couldn't see it at all and I sensed that my mother thought she was imagining it or it made her think of me and she got lost in thought, but she didn't react at all.
I gotta add that it was a tremendously vivid experience that, unfortunately, there's just no way to save the experience on video to show others.
Plus I have to say that doing TR's makes you reinforce "being there in your head", it just locks you in all the way. You get in Scientology to rehabilitate your ability to exteriorize and go places, instead you become solid as concrete in your skull and never to budge again.
I find the etheric plane the most interesting with the nature spirits, but it's a kind of gray or foggy place. Maybe that's just me though, because on hard TR-0 on the Dianetics Internship I got past the drowsiness into waking up in my etheric body but not exterior from the physical -- and I was delighted to find myself very emotionally fragile and mentally sluggish, the real me operating from the heart rather than head. Yes, TR0 can fixate one in the head, but doing more of it might change that, especially OT TR0.



A recent (Scientology Inc. approved) interview of a ("New") OT 8 has the OT 8 saying he leaves his body at night and then goes to sleep while exterior.

No night time astral wandering?


No lay the body down and leave?, to travel the world and the universe having adventures? while the (meat) body sleeps?

I remember the "fancy free and perceiving all" Success Story, that appeared in an early Advance! magazine (almost fifty years ago!), about an (old/discontinued) OT 6 (I think) who would exteriorize from the body at night, while the body slept, and go off to explore the sights and sounds of the MEST universe.

A lot of people were impressed by that Success Story. Some even joined staff, and some even joined the Sea Org, thinking, "Sure there will be low pay and long hours, but I'll be free all night - when the body's sleeping - to have exterior thetan fun!"

Based on reliable sources that talked years later, it seems that Success Story, and some others, were an invention of a Scientology PR person responding to Hubbard's order that Advance! magazine contain more impressive "OT" Success Stories.

Hooked a lot of people. Made a lot of money for Hubbard.

Today's Scientologists are still telling wogs (humanoids) that they can see through walls, leave the body at will etc., but they seem to have forgotten that thetans don't need to sleep, at least not nightly the way meat bodies do.

Sleeping while exterior from the body. Where is sleeping while exterior on the Tone Scale?


Unless Thetans are really just strange little organisms like tribbles of the old Star Trek TV show.


Oh well.



Patron Meritorious
There were other such stories in Scn, if you choose to believe them. Mary said she was watching TV with Alan Walter after he did his Ls and said "let's see what's on other channel." He said "there's a big lion." Sure enough there was. Alan said "there are other TVs in the building."

Then there are the Penthouse Forum stories that start out: I never thought something like this would happen to me, but I swear it's true :)


Squirreling Dervish
Yes, TR0 can fixate one in the head, but doing more of it might change that, especially OT TR0.
The main problem with TR's is that you are passed or flunked on your ability to hold a position in your head with the "be there and confront" command.
The there being in your head while looking through your unblinking eyes to confront another no matter what they said or did.
To put someone at no effect would seem to make one impervious to case gain through auditing.
TR's just create a numb body and thetan connection that many misconstrue as being exterior.
I've yet to hear anyone say they did TR's with Hubbard nor that he did TR's at all.
But he did recommend them for others saying "you'll never regret time well spent doing TR's."
Advice he didn't seem to follow hisself.