Explosive New Tom Cruise Biography Slams Scientology


Not sure if this has been posted yet, my apologies if it has.

Fox News & The UK's Daily Mail have a nice article on the upcoming unauthorized biography of Tom Cruise by author Andrew Morton coming to a bookstore near you Jan. 15th.

(Google "Tom Cruise Biography" to find the article)

Key points from the books excerpts apparently include:
Tom Cruise has become the de-facto second in command of the Church of Scientology
Daughter by Katie Holmes "conceived like Rosemary's Baby" (LOL!!! From Ron's frozen sperm no less, ok this oversteps the bounds a bit)
Nicole Kidman "feared blackmail" over sex tapes made with Scientologists ( I think they mean during auditing sessions not Paris Hilton type videos. sigh)
Scientologists "planted meadows of flowers for Tom and Nicole to run through" and that Cruise's next mission is to recruit David Beckham.

The Scieno attorney's are preparing a $50 gazillion dollar defamation of character suit which in itself will only bring more attention from the media.

Have fun, ya'll.:) --JB
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