FACTnet: MSNBC looking for Recently exited “Cult Members”


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Wow - this looks promising!


FACTNet Editor note: I received this email asking if I could help in the search for willing ex-members who would like to tell their story for a upcoming documentary on MSNBC. I have checked out the credentials of the private company that is making this documentary of MSNBC and they are on the up and up and as they told me

“We respect the vulnerable state of the individuals and will handle the project with the utmost integrity and sensitivity. We also really want to be a part of the ex-members story from the beginning of their journey out of the cult. Our team has been in research for this film for over six months now and has the support of the cult community at large.”

Here is their original request and contact info. I hope some of us ex-members will take this opportunity to be able to help others and educate and warn others of the insidious destructive high control groups out there who enslave others in the name of “God” Thanks folks! Sincerely, David T Pike @ FACTNet.org

“We are producers partnered with a major news outlet, and are seeking families or individuals who were formerly involved in a demanding groups/organizations to share their stories. We are interested in both positive and negative experiences, and hope to hear from those who have separated from the group within the last 9 months. If you would like additional information, please email [email protected] and describe your current situation. We are from the Production company Crazy Legs - based in Atlanta and LA - and for this specific documentary on cults we are partnered with MSNBC. Here is our site: http://crazylegsproductions.com/ Thank you.”


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The website listed has an email address listed that lists crazy [email protected] as the domain for the email. Anyone intersested in participation should contact via email at the domain listed on the official website. I find using a free gmail address to be suspicious. Anyone, including OSA, could register a gmail account with that name - then reference the actual company website to seem legit.

Not saying it's not legit, just fishy. Why a gmail account when the company has it's own domain? Just preaching caution cause we know OSA is inventive with their fishing expeditions.