Fair Game experiences


Patron Meritorious
I've found an old post (1997/12/08) on ARS that I think is funny (well, not really funny for those who experienced it :no: )

It's about Germany and OSA blackmailing ex scientologists denouncing them as scientologists!

"[...] Yes, I believe you, the OSA black propaganda against ex-members in
Germany is to denounce them of being Scientologists.

I know of a dentist who left Scientology and he was threatend that his
patients would be told that he is a Scientologist and proof on that.

And I agree, this can only be a threat when people (his patients)
generalize that all Scientologists (even ex) must be sinistre people.

The dentist, by the way, responded by putting an ad in the paper saying
that, alas, he had been a Scientologist but was now blackmailed after he
left. And he would be happy to publish names and ranks of all the
Scientologists he knew of in the city. He was applauded and the CoS shut
it's stupid mouth. - The only way to defend, is to attack them. -

Klaus Bloemker"