Fair Work Ombudsman looked into Church of Scientology


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like dis?

from dis.

It must take lots of practice to be able to make a simple sign look so creepy.


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It's OK, I asked for it so I thanked them ....both of them.:whistling:

I hev a excellance comm bycicle.


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Yep, the wheels, they are a turning...
The depth and character of offensives against the Cof$ is bewildering. I get the feeling the sun is indeed going to set on that Organisation in a broadside - won't it be something when the first criminal charges are laid.

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Having the fair work ombudsman investigate and report will be very interesting. There is no doubt that scientology has a master servant relationship with staff. They are definately employees, not volunteers. You are supposed to keep to a definite work schedule, subject to direction from seniors etc.
There is essentially no pay, no super, no OHSW, bullying and harrassment is rife. And, you get billed for your training when you leave! Oh gawd they will have a field day with this.


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To me it looks they are trying to depict black people, but I find it offensive because it seems to invoke the 'black and white minstrel' look, thus not even a real black. That's how it grabs me - might just be a personal spin I have on it. :confused2:

It must take lots of practice to be able to make a simple sign look so creepy.


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At least they are somewhat honest in page 2 of Emma's collection, they clearly state long hours and low pay. Not sure how many people that attracted! :)


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When will report be out?

Any dates on when report will be out?

Potential outcomes:

Unclaimed money for employees
Some Fair Work Ombudsman investigations and voluntary compliance cases result in us receiving payments for outstanding wages and entitlements. This happens when an employer cannot pay money owed to an employee because the employee has left their employment and the employer can not locate them. In these cases the employer pays the money to the Commonwealth.



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THE industrial inspectorate has confirmed it is investigating the employment practices of the Church of Scientology.

Fair Work Ombudsman Nicholas Wilson told a Senate estimates hearing it had looked into the controversial religious group but declined to give details.

Here are a few numbers that Aussie investigators might want to examine for historical purposes.

The South Australian scientology management corporation COSRECI paid sub-standard wages to scientology employees in the UK last decade. More facts and figures at the link:


The main Scientology body in the UK is COSRECI, a South Australian corporation set up on 19 October 1976 which began activities in the UK on 1 May 1977. It took over management of UK Scientology from the Church of Scientology of California (which was subsequently asset-stripped to prevent Larry Wollersheim from collecting his settlement). It appears to have been set up as a vehicle for getting back-door tax exemption in the UK, which was gained under reciprocal UK-Australian tax rules.

Between 1992 and 1997, the accounts gave the number of employees and the wages bill. Dividing one by the other gives some indication of how much they are being paid on average — not surprisingly, it's a pittance, well below the national minimum wage and below even state unemployment benefit. (Yes folks, you would be better off unemployed than employed by Scientology.) Staff pay is normally the largest single cost element of a business, but Scientology seems to have avoided this particular problem: