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Fallout Inside After "Going Clear" Documentary

Discussion in 'Movies, Plays, and Documentaries about Scientology' started by Sindy, Apr 11, 2015.

  1. DeeAnna

    DeeAnna Patron Meritorious

    On the one hand I do feel sorry for the "still ins". Things have to be very, very tense around the orgs by now and most of the people probably do not even know why this is so.

    But it warms my heart to think of David Miscavige squirming around in his Emerald Castle while trying to figure out WHAT THE FUCK to DO about the CONTINUING shitstorm of negative publicity.

    It is lasting longer and is much better than I think many of us had even hoped for.

    And these audio tapes of the PIs? I hope to see then initiate a whole new round of coverage!

    Calling Nancy Grace! Calling Nancy Grace!

    "BOMBSHELL tonight! A private investigator confesses to police that HE was hired by $cientology leader David Miscavige to follow his own FATHER around for MORE than a YEAR! When the PI informed the $cientologist it appeared DADDY was about to have a heart attack, he was told to LET HIM DIE! And WE have the TAPE!"
  2. Churchill

    Churchill Gold Meritorious Patron

    Scientology has the most powerful Tech in the universe, yet it cannot withstand

    a simple Google search! :roflmao::roflmao::roflmao::roflmao:
  3. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on



    Yeah, there are a lot of things that "beat" Scientology. LOL

    Reminds me of that kid's game: PAPER * SCISSORS * ROCK

    Except in this case it's: APOSTATE * INTERNET * CULT

    Apostate beats Cult
    Internet beats Cult
    Cult doesn't beat anything[SUP]1[/SUP]

    [SUP]1[/SUP] The cult doesn't beat anything, except its own members (and its own proverbial second dynamic "member")
  4. ThetanExterior

    ThetanExterior Gold Meritorious Patron

    Another analogy is that we are using one finger sticking up. This represents a stick of dynamite that blows up their stupid rock, paper and scissors.
  5. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on


    Weeeee! That makes me wonder how still-in Scientologists play Rock-Paper-Scissors? What's the cult's standard on-policy version?


    SP caves in PTS
    PTS enturbulates Ideal Org
    Ideal Org declares/disconnects SP
  6. Jump

    Jump Operating teatime

    This is fun . . .

    Reg reges celeb
    Celeb enslaves sea ogre
    Sea ogre gets RPF'd

    Cult loses 501(c)(3)

    Oh wait, I got sidetracked. :roflmao:
  7. Intentionally Blank

    Intentionally Blank Scientology Widow

    We have someone on site this week, out here in PodunkLand, from one of the LA orgs. It sounds as if everyone. including public, is being called in to meet with a rep 'just to chat'.
  8. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Is it a metered "chat"?

  9. Intentionally Blank

    Intentionally Blank Scientology Widow

    Not that I am aware but I'll know more after after Mr/s Blanky's had a turn. I don't know for sure if s/he'll tell me, but I will have some idea how bad it was by the level of stress and irritation. Golly it's gonna be a fun week.
  10. MissWog

    MissWog Silver Meritorious Patron

    Oh geez! Sounds like you need a dinner party or bbq scheduled ASAP! Maybe even directly following the chat so spouse Blankey feels some outside love and friendship.
    as cheesy as this is on my part, sending you both {{{{{vibes}}}}}, I feel helpless that this is all I can offer :hug:
  11. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    This is fun!

  12. cakemaker

    cakemaker Patron Meritorious

    It could be a recruitment mission so all the usual nastiness doesn't necessarily happen.
    Missions come in many different flavors.
  13. bromo

    bromo Patron with Honors

  14. OutFO38

    OutFO38 Patron

    I've been wondering about this. I have family in Scientology and the Sea Org but have no idea what they're being told about the documentary and all the bad press. I assume it's the usual "we're under attack by SPs" and such.
  15. hybrid

    hybrid New Member

    In the past couple of weeks, Tony Ortega has played parts of a leaked audio from a talk given by Senior C/S Andres Rodriguez in an unnamed US org in which it's plain to old timers that the "tech" has been totally perverted and on this Survival Rundown a/k/a run around a pole for 5 grand or so, the pc is "expected" to be overrun and they are going for numbers of hours. So basically the midget is saying a big "fuck you" to anyone still left inside. Here are links to most, if not all, of those posts:
  16. Northern Shewolf

    Northern Shewolf Patron Meritorious

    The higher a monkey climbs, the better one can see his ass.:eyeroll:
  17. Intentionally Blank

    Intentionally Blank Scientology Widow

    I was at the TMobile store getting a new phone for my kid last week. Said kid and TMobile guy were talking about weekend movies.

    TMobile guy: Is the new MI out yet?
    Kid: I don't think so but I wouldn't go see Tom Cruise.
    TMobile guy: Oh yeah!! I saw that scientology movie. I would never pay to see one of his movies again. That stuff is really terrible!! He can't be a good person.

  18. oneonewasaracecar

    oneonewasaracecar Gold Meritorious Patron

    I can't wait for it to come out.

    Not to watch it, of course, but to see how much damage has been done to his bank-ability domestically.
  19. Northern Shewolf

    Northern Shewolf Patron Meritorious

    T. C. is yesterday's toast.
    He has no hope to become an honored older, well-respected actor unlike, say George Clooney for instance, no that ship sailed with the revelations of his conduct in "out-of-the-public-eye" like his private life....Honestly he is condemned to become a sort of Mel Gibson.....
    Hard to imagine any entertainment big event inviting him to speechify, hosts, mostly because the $ciloonery angle is sharply wedged inside T.C. dividing him into: movie star/big being #2.......
    As I see it any big Hollywood outfit will sit, wait, and if it all blows away, maybe just maybe this 50 something disgrace of a person may be offered roles, but make no mistake no big juicy parts no, no!
    I believe that agism + foolishness + arrogance are the agencies actively at work on Tom Cruise's career.
  20. tetloj

    tetloj Silver Meritorious Patron

    I get the impression that Tom is pretty much bankrolling his own movies at this point - but I'm no expert.