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FBI Investigating Scientology for Human Trafficking!

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Seems a strange comment (bolded below), from the Feb 8th, 2011 St Petersburg Times article:

"While in the Clearwater FBI office for her interview, Scobee said, Whitehill cautioned her not to speak with other employees in the office. She said Whitehill indicated the office might be compromised when it came to Scientology".

I'd call it proof Paradox.

Proof that at least by *that* time Mr Whitehill & the FBI were aware of the actual potentialities and or realities of Scientology's own Secret Services Department successfully compromising FBI intelligence. And that is one hell of a 'tip of the hat' to the level of covert-intelligence and counter-intelligence capabilities Scientology has.

Kudo's to the FBI.

It's kinda feels like a face-off is brewing.

The F.B.I. verses O.S.A.

Which almost sounds unfair. Lol.

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation
The Church of Scientology

On the other hand Scientology's Secret Service Department has already pulled off some of the largest acts of government infiltration ever to have taken place in history. Impressive numbers. And those are just the ones we know about, because those are the just ones where they got caught. Lol.

Clash of the Titans I say.

I imagine would imagine.But the OSA Internal-Secret-Service Governmental-Affairs-Unit is the stuff James Bonds movies are made of.

Arthur Dent

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The more the merrier!

Tom Cruise: Last chance to get on the right side of this! Bail NOW!
Katie....help Tom help Tom!


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Reading martys blog comments...

I particularly enjoyed OTDTs comment

RE the activated HILL 1000 FBI investigation and media coverage,

DMs universe must be whirling like a Jet Fighter at mach 10 dive.
Bogey 6 o'clock and missles locked on.

meter reaction measured via the copper rods grounding him
-LFSD Long Fall Solid Down. Thankyou the auto GAK emeter demonstrator drones out - your needle is exploding, and you need stitches.

OTDT | February 7, 2011 at 4:01 pm | Reply

Clunk! Thunk! Clunk!

That’ the sound of shit-bricks falling out of Miscavige’s pants and hitting the floor.


"That’ the sound of shit-bricks falling out of Miscavige’s pants and hitting the floor." or was it Tom Cruise falling from DM's pants?:D


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:guyfawkes: Another suggestion for the FBI is to investigate how David Miscavige spends the donations for the "Church" (spit) with himself. Several motorcyles, cars, trips around the world, clothing made by designers, and properties to himself and his family.
It is about time that the government investigates those issues, and crack down on the criminality of DM. :clap::clap:
Free labor, confiscation of passports, human trafficking, and the list of crimes goes on and on....
Bloody interesting. I've been waiting for the Mapother thing to finally get some pointy fingers at him.

Anything called a "Mapother" should be on a shelf in a dusty old basement laboratory, preserved in alcohol, with never-been-born throwbacks, freaks, distortions of nature and other unfortunate examples of how the devil himself inflicted his evil bent to make a mockery of the act of creation of what should have been a normal child.


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Yep, that is me- floating around in Tampa :), I am glad you liked the interview. It took a while to convince myself to do it.


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FULL documents released from FBI have been published this morning at the Underground Bunker:

DOX: The full FBI file from its 2009-2010 human trafficking investigation of Scientology

Several weeks ago, we got access to the FBI’s file on its 2009-2010 human trafficking investigation of the Church of Scientology when Melissa Cronin of RadarOnline shared her copy with us, with certain restrictions.

Now we’ve received an additional copy of the file thanks to journalist Emma Best, who is suing the FBI over numerous document requests she has made. Our new copy comes without restrictions, and so today we’re making the entire file available for you to go through, page by page. (The Bunker’s own request, made more than two years ago, is taking longer and we are hoping that it means the release will be more comprehensive.)

Lawrence Wright first revealed in his 2011 New Yorker article about Paul Haggis that the FBI was investigating Scientology for the way it treated its Sea Org workers. But as we explained later, by the time Wright made that public, the FBI had already ended its probe.

As you’ll see in the file, for several months the FBI took very seriously its plunge into Sea Org life, which it code-named Operation Base Overboard. Former Sea Org officials like Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Marc and Claire Headley, Amy Scobee, Tom DeVocht, and John Brousseau were interviewed, though their names have been redacted in this release. We also recognized, beginning on page 142, the interview of former Scientology member Nazanin Boniadi, who was recruited to be the girlfriend of Tom Cruise.

Based on the interviews, the FBI believed that Sea Org life amounted to labor trafficking… <snip>

Full Post: https://tonyortega.org/2017/08/21/d...king-investigation-of-scientology/#more-41977


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