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FCDC circa 1970

Discussion in 'North America' started by nozeno, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. Vicki Shulman. And I think Bill Miller's wife was Linda Miller.

    Abey Bregman. Phyllis something, Deitz called her Thumper.

    John Keilholtz.

    Mike Baum, Skip Murgatroyd.

    Adrianna Castle (one of my favorite people) and Ben Lewis.

    The Anabaptist Jacques
  2. Lynn Fountain Campbell

    Lynn Fountain Campbell Silver Meritorious Patron

    Anne Fewell (A/G before Andy Bagley). Rick Kimmel.
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  3. Oh yeah, I remember her.

    Bill Muldoon, Karen Fales.

    The Anabaptist Jacques
  4. ILove2Lurk

    ILove2Lurk Lisbeth Salander

    How about GO alums Mike and Patsy Meisner? Where they around then?

    Was there someone in the GO who went by the name of Joe Aleisi?

    He had a noticeable vertical scar on his face. (Maybe was a black bag man.) :nervous:

    Did Rick Sheehy pass through there before he went on to become Ron's steward . . . and then later a Class 12?

    Curious. :coolwink:
  5. Phyllis Breggin.

    the Anabaptist Jacques
  6. Oh yeah, the Meisners.

    And Rick Kimmel.

    Yes, Joe Alesi too.

    I don't know Rick Sheehy.

    Ray Korns.

    Patty Pease and she married a guy name Armstrong, but I don't know his first name.

    Lee Auliff

    The Anabaptist Jacques
  7. ILove2Lurk

    ILove2Lurk Lisbeth Salander

    Does my description of Joe Aleisi fit with your memeory: very noticeable scar on face?

    Rick Sheehy is front-most on the right leaning forward. Ring a bell? Thought he was DC before Apollo. :confused2:

  8. Of course, most of these people were not there in February 1972 when I started my first list.

    Here are some more:

    Judy Cranford, the GO guy in the wheelchair. The guy from Hawaii named Al.

    John Thomas, Conley Kelley.

    Bob Foss.

    The Anabaptist Jacques
  9. I remember the guy with the scar. I wouldn't have remembered his name if you hadn't said it.

    Rick Sheehy I don't remember.

    But I was kicked out of the org in 1975 by Franks.

    The Anabaptist Jacques
  10. And Greg Wilhere's brother. I forget his name.

    The Anabaptist Jacques
  11. Lynn Fountain Campbell

    Lynn Fountain Campbell Silver Meritorious Patron

    Paul Kelley, Dennis Dubin.
  12. Hugh Wilhere.

    The Anabaptist Jacques
  13. Yeah I got Paul on the first list.

    I didn't know Dennis Dubin was ever on staff.

    But now that you mention Paul again I thought of Dennis Dilbeck.

    The Anabaptist Jacques
  14. Lynn Fountain Campbell

    Lynn Fountain Campbell Silver Meritorious Patron

    Yeah -- that's who I meant.
  15. ILove2Lurk

    ILove2Lurk Lisbeth Salander

    He was Joel Morris.


    How about his sidekick Ron Penner? (I'm askin' cuz not sure.)

  16. I don't know if she was actually ever on staff, but C.C Sherill was a letter writer.

    The Anabaptist Jacques
  17. I don't remember him.

    The other guy's first name I couldn't remember was Jay Armstrong.

    And there was that round, cheerful guy with red hair.

    I forget his name.

    I think he got shot in Los Angeles once.

    He is still around in Clearwater, I think.

    He is one batshit crazy dude.

    The Anabaptist Jacques
  18. Well I've got to go.

    It was found harking back through chain locker lane.

    The Anabaptist Jacques
  19. I had to come back for the crazy guy's name---Bruce Ullman.

    The Anabaptist Jacques
  20. Lynn Fountain Campbell

    Lynn Fountain Campbell Silver Meritorious Patron

    Yes. He used to hang with a dark-haired guy. I think they used to do black ops for the G.O. together in the Snow White era.
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