Federal Senate Inquiry into the CofS, called for, in Australian Parliament tonight


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HAHA, he's on TV right now, channel 7 morning news.

Hubbard said in the PR series to find a safe place to stand up and talk.

Guess what? There is no safe place for the Cof$, run Cyrus, run!

Was he looking a bit woozy, with bloodshot eyes and big bags under them? Did he have to prop himself up to stay vertical yet?


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I just watched the video and to you guys mentioned in it. hats off to you , thats a big call. well done.



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I've had a phone call from one of my sisters who asked me to pass on how proud she is of all the people who've been a part of getting this story out there - she's so pleased that the truth is being finally seen.

She's currently at a religious retreat that her and her husband regularly volunteer for and they pray lots for people with afflictions who come and get hotel-style accomodation free of charge for two days while the staff do their utmost to help. True religion in practice - no coercion at all.

She's also spreading the word about the cult through her network of people and I'm sure the rest of my family and my wife's family are doing likewise - I warned them all about last night well before it happened as, after all, Nic Xenophon was going to be speaking about their nieces/grandaughters.

She wanted you all to know they are praying for us and our success in this battle against true darkness.

Hi Scooter,

It must be a difficult time for you and your family. Thank you for your courage and convictions to follow this thing through.

And of course to Carmel and Aaron et al.

Even if your not Australian your input will be immensely valuable here. We need as MANY ex's as we can get speaking out on this. The Scientology cancer is the same world over!

I see some of you who were not originally involved with this have already sent emails/letters, if theres some still out there lurking please come forward and offer Nick your story and support!

Couldn't agree more.

There had never been a more worthy time to go public. If these investigations are successful, COS will try and write it off as a few rogue individuals operating outside of churches knowledge. Let the world know that these abuses are the result of globally implemented scientology policy.

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Today Tonight, A Current Affair and the 7.30 Report on ABC all had great segments. I can't find any posted videos yet, if anyone can, please post them. :happydance: