Festival of Leaks


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this is something that's posted on wwp and i thought some people on here might appreciate it. especially the OSA :)


Anonymous is Pleased to Announce:
The Festival of Leaks

On Monday 12th October 2009
12 pm Eastern Standard Time

We will release for immediate download,
The Most Amount
of copyrighted Church of Scientology clap trap
in a single place evar

the anons already involved in this are uploading to multiple locations, everything they've got, using non scilon file names & different sox for each duplicate set

as the OSA work under overload to get all these copies removed from the internet, we will edit the page with a complete new set. the festival will continue for seven days and will have at least 7 different sets of files

If you wish to contribute to this effort, please post the titles of your uploads ITT, but not the download locations,
this is so people waiting for certain material can know it's going to be available

this is a response to Scientology making many false DMCA claims
regarding audio.video content to which they hold no copyright.


just found posted on wwp:-


I have about 1800 LRH tapes in my house, I've been dubbing them to computer for the last couple of weeks to archive them digitally. I just noticed Leak-Fest. I could contribute fun stuff. I have about 1,204 already digitally done so hopefully in a week I can get the other 300/400 I have done on there as well.


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Not good

As much as many of us dislike how scio gets audio/video information removed from websites, copyright infringement is a crime. Scio has legal copyright protection to their data. No matter how much we abhor their methods and no matter how many false DMCA claims they file. Period. This is going over the line. Count me out.


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Copyright laws are scientology's stranglehold on the truth

Count me out.

unlike scientology with their coersion to perticipate in events and all the regging etc that goes with those events, Anonymous does not require anything in particular of anyone. people are free to come and go as they please and personally that makes me glad..

Anyone wishing to cause enturbulation of the OSA is welcome, at least while they're going round the internet bitching about copyright they will be kept busy, someone somewhere might have a few days less fair-gaming

also: there will be a page on the wwp-wiki for this event, i urge people *not* to make leak fest posts on this board (for obvious reasons)


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Nozeno likes this idea. It should keep them real busy. Copyright, schmopyright.




Oh I like festivals. OSA will have so much fun.



Besides, in the case of the Aleister Crowley squirrel group of scifaggOTry, "copyright" is a footbullet.