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Filed 10/8/14: Vairo v. Narconon (re Scientology drug rehab)


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Filed 10/8/14: Vairo v. Narconon (re Scientology drug rehab).

Tony Ortega: Ryan Hamilton files two more federal lawsuits against Scientology’s drug rehab network

In the 24th lawsuit, the plaintiffs are Ken Vairo Sr. and his son Ken Jr. of Illinois. Ken Sr. was looking for a rehab facility for his son just this past August, and the same promises were made to them. Ken Sr. paid $31,000 for his son to go to the Narconon facility in Fort Collins, Colorado, “A Life Worth Saving.”

The Vairos also found that the program was not about drug counseling, but Scientology training.
In the Narconon Program, Fresh Start had Ken Jr. engage in Scientology drills known as “Training Routines” or “TRs.” To perform some of these TRs, Fresh Start instructed Ken Jr. to stare into the eyes of another patient for hours on end, stare at walls for hours on end, and ask another patient, “Do birds fly?” for hours on end. The Narconon books teach Scientology doctrines including, without limitation, the A-R-C triangle, the Eight Conditions of Existence, the Tone Scale, the Cycle of Communication, Overts and Withholds, Potential Trouble Sources and Suppressive Persons, the Scientology Ethics Conditions and their formulas. In addition, the Narconon Program has patients demonstrate their understanding of these Scientology doctrines using clay models.

Once again, the Narconon representatives had described a program that was very different than the one Ken Jr. actually found himself taking part in.
Despite Fresh Start’s representations that Ken Jr. would receive counseling, at no point did Narconon staff ever speak to Ken Jr. about the specifics of his life or his drug use and its causes. In fact, no one at Fresh Start ever spoke to Ken Jr. about his substance abuse at all. Instead, counselors at Fresh Start attempted to treat Ken Jr. using only Scientology. Ken Jr. left Fresh Start on or about September 11, 2014, because he was not receiving substance abuse counseling and he did not feel safe. Ken Jr. has suffered severe emotional distress resulting from his time at Fresh Start.

Complaint: Ken Vairo Sr. and Ken Jr. v. Narconon