Filed 12/22/14: Guidotti v. Narconon (re: Scientology rehab)


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Filed 12/22/14: Guidotti v. Narconon (re: Scientology rehab).

Tony Ortega: Scientology hit with 25th lawsuit by Las Vegas attorney as he goes after Florida rehab

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Hamilton this week filed a federal fraud lawsuit against Narconon Gulf Coast in the Florida panhandle town of Destin. The facility recently changed its name to “Blu by the Sea,” one of numerous name changes by Scientology rehab centers as they try to get away from the embattled name “Narconon.”

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When Lucy called, she was told by Deborah Ross and her son Christopher that the rehab center employed “highly-trained specialists” with “degrees in psychiatry.” (For a place associated with the virulently anti-psychiatry Scientology, that’s a pretty surprising claim.) Guidotti was also told she’d be under supervision of medical professionals. Based on those promises, she paid $40,000 up front for treatment.

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Guidotti v. Narconon: Complaint


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This is very exciting to see this case and the fact that Ryan Hamilton is working with attorney Jeffrey M Stephens on it down in Destin, FL.

Stephens is also the attorney representing the parents of Dominic J Penta, Jr in the Circuit Court First Judicial Circuit in and for Okaloosa County Florida. Glad to see he and Hamilton are working together.

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