Filed 6/30/14: Knoflick v. Narconon (re Scientology rehab)


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Filed 6/30/14: Knoflick v. Narconon (re Scientology rehab).

Tony Ortega: Lawsuit number 17 filed by Las Vegas attorney against Scientology’s rehab network

In this case, Hamilton represents a California family that searched the Internet in January for a rehab center. Barbara Knoflick wanted to find a place for her son, Terney.

Someone at a generic referral site took her info, and then she was contacted by Mike DiPalma of Narconon. According to the complaint, DiPalma told Barbara that Narconon Redwood Cliffs in Watsonville has an 85 percent success rate, that her son would be cared for by medical professionals, and that he would receive personalized drug counseling.

Barbara was told that the program used a sauna program based on scientific principles, and that Narconon’s was a secular regimen.

Barbara paid $37,500 for her son’s treatment.

But the Knoflicks soon learned what others do when they get to the program — that it’s Scientology training, not drug counseling. The sauna program, meanwhile, is a risky procedure not based on scientific principles, and it was not monitored by medical personnel.

Hamilton provides material from previous lawsuits showing that Narconon’s own legal expert cast doubt on the high success rates advertised by Narconon centers.
Despite [Narconon's] representations that Terney would receive counseling, at no point did staff ever speak to Terney about the specifics of his life or his drug use and its causes. In fact, no one at NNC ever spoke to Terney about his substance abuse at all. Intead, counselors at the NNC center attempted to treat Terney using only Scientology. Terney was suspended from the Redwood Cliffs program for being critical of its treatment.
Here’s the complaint…

Knoflick v. Narconon: Complaint