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Filed 6/5/14: Levy v. Narconon (re Scientology rehab)


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Tony Ortega: Ryan Hamilton makes it an even dozen federal lawsuits against Scientology’s rehab network

Las Vegas attorney Ryan Hamilton continues to pile on the hurt for Scientology’s drug rehab network, Narconon.

Just days after filing a lawsuit against Scientology’s rehab facility in Nevada, Hamilton filed a new federal lawsuit against Narconon’s center in Fort Collins, Colorado, which goes by the name A Life Worth Saving.
Ben decided to leave, but found that Narconon’s staff wouldn’t let him go. After he persisted, they took him to a homeless shelter in Fort Collins, “without any money or [Levy's] credit cards.” Levy then had to make his way home to Basalt, Colorado, which was hours away.
Narconon instructed Ben’s wife not to allow him back into their home. Consequently, Ben was forced to involve the police to gain entry into his own home. Narconon counselors repeatedly lied to Ben’s wife about him during his time at Narconon. Ben required counseling due to his experience at Narconon and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. Unable to cope with trauma he had experienced, Ben attempted to take his own life and required hospitalization.
Here’s the complaint…

Levy v. Narconon: Complaint
By our count, that’s twelve federal lawsuits Hamilton has filed against Narconon in California, Nevada, and Colorado.

Angelo Amato
(San Diego)
Christy Estrada and Branden Chavez (San Diego)
Cathy and Michael Tarr (Nevada)
Harry and Lauren Geanacopulos (Nevada)
David, Stacy, and Jack Welch (Nevada)
Bryan and Nikki Mott (Colorado)
Charles and Tyler Matthys, and Linda Phillips (Colorado)
Kenneth and Jered Mowery (Watsonville, CA)
Robin Jones, James Ramirez Sr. and Jr. (Watsonville, CA)
Charis Yates, Beret and Dean Pugh (Nevada)
Lori, Ryan, and Jilliene Winchell (Nevada)