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Filed 6/9/14: Connell v. Narconon (re Scientology rehab; liver damage alleged)


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Filed 6/9/14: Connell v. Narconon (re Scientology rehab; liver damage alleged).

From Tony Ortega: Ryan Hamilton makes it a baker’s dozen

Las Vegas attorney Ryan Hamilton has filed his 13th federal lawsuit against Narconon, Scientology’s drug rehab network.

In this case, Indiana resident Monica O’Connell was searching for a place to send her son Sean for rehab in February last year. A representative from a supposedly generic website suggested that she talk to someone at “Redwood Cliffs” in Watsonville, California.

She wasn’t told that the facility was part of the Narconon network, let alone affiliated with Scientology. She was told the usual deceptions about what would happen at Narconon, and was asked to pay $35,000 to enroll her son.

Like so many others, Sean soon learned that instead of drug counseling, he’d be doing Scientology training, and was subjected to an unscientific sauna-and-vitamins regimen.

Despite [Narconon Northern California]’s representations that Jimmy would receive counseling, at no point did staff ever speak to Sean about the specifics of his life or his drug use and its causes. In fact, no one at NNC ever spoke to Sean about his substance abuse at all. Instead, counselors at the NNC center attempted to treat Sean using only Scientology. Monica O’Connell has attempted to obtain insurance coverage for some of the NNC program’s cost. Plaintiffs’ insurer has denied the claim, however, because NNC did not provide records so the claim could be processed. NNC drug-tested Sean O’Connell during his stay at NNC. Plaintiffs received a bill for approximately $15,000.00 for drug testing at the end of his stay at NNC. Although Plaintiffs had never provided NNC with the insurance information for Plaintiff Sean O’Connell’s father, NNC attempted to submit the charges for the drug testing to his father’s insurance. Sean left Redwood Cliffs without receiving any of the substance abuse treatment Plaintiffs had been promised. Sean sustained liver damage due to the extreme doses of Niacin NNC had Sean ingest during his participation in the sauna program.
Here’s the complaint…
Connell v. Narconon Complaint