Filed 7/2/14: Tino v. Narconon (re Scientology rehab)


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Tony Ortega: Ryan Hamilton files lawsuit number fifteen

Las Vegas attorney Ryan Hamilton has filed yet another federal fraud lawsuit against Scientology’s drug rehab network, Narconon. This one involves a Nevada father who sent his son to the Narconon Fresh Start facility in that state, Rainbow Canyon Retreat in the town of Caliente.

In October, David Tino was looking for a rehab facility for his son, Michael. He called the 800 number at Rainbow Canyon Retreat’s website and spoke to Josh Penn, who said the center had a 76-percent success rate

Tino was told the program didn’t involve religion, and that his son would be under the care of “licensed medical professionals.”

David paid $33,000 up front so his son could start the program.

Michael was then taken to the “Treehouse” cabin at the facility for a cold turkey withdrawal. During that period, Michael had seizures, and had to be taken to a hospital emergency room, the complaint says.

Michael then realized that the program was actually Scientology, and it included “training routines” which had him shouting at ashtrays and making clay figures. He received no drug counseling at the facility.

“Michael suffered health complications because of the unsafe manner in which he was detoxed at Fresh Start. He is still suffering psychological effects from the bizarre and unsafe practices he was subjected to at Fresh Start. Michael left the program at Fresh Start without receiving any substance abuse treatment.”

Hamilton also includes testimony from other lawsuits that he has also featured in his other complaints, including excerpts from the deposition of Narconon’s own expert witness in a wrongful death lawsuit, who admitted that Scientology’s sauna-and-vitamins regiment (called the Purification Rundown in Scientology and the New Life Detoxification Program in Narconon) was not based on scientific principles.

Here’s the complaint…

Tino v. Narconon: Complaint
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Miss Ellie

Miss Ellie
How in the WORLD do parents call up & then send their kids to a center without even doing a Google search or check with the AGs office, BBB or some sort of medical board for that state?

I know people that do more research when they pick a vet for their pet...

There is no excuse for the lies told. The parental units just want REAL HELP - but do your research people...... it is like a used car... they will tell you ANYTHING to get your money.

Ok - I feel better now.... no not really....

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Miss Ellie

Miss Ellie
I see your point. The sciobot experience has made me more hyper than most on checking facts BEFORE turning my trust or money to any group or organization.

BUT there are enough red flags on the internet to give pause to someone. Type in any business name and the word "scam" and see what pops up. I know you can not please all clients all the time..... but the number and type of returns can give you a feel for it.

I just hate that anyone becomes a victim when trying to do the right thing.



Cat in flight
I think the parents are too frantic and upset to realize what we can realize, from our state of relative calmness.

Don't get me wrong - I wish they would research first too, and I wish there were no victims. But if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

Please spread the Narconon Reviews site link around if you have occasion to do so. There's a wealth of advice for people seeking rehab, and lots of dirt on Narconon.