Finally Arrived, Sorry I'm Late! ~LOL


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Hello Phil, :wave: and :welcome2:. Want to share how it is an OTVIII gets declared? :drama: You don't have to - not ever, but if you ever feel ready, we will listen. Raptly. Glad you made it here, better 'late' than never. :lol: :thumbsup:

Dean Blair

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Welcome to EXMB Phil. Better late than never. I am looking forward to hearing any tales you have to tell. Enjoy yourself while you are here.:party:


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Hi Phil,

I would love to hear the details of your time in, why you were declared and how you shifted you viewpoint on Scientology. I find these stories very interesting when they come from someone who used to be really dedicated and has been out recently. If you are so inclined please fill us in....Thank you

Idle Morgue

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Welcome and congrats - you have reached the highest pinnacle and level in Scientology - an SP Declare. Wear the badge with honor!! You are sane!

Idle Morgue

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13 years in and I got TWO goldenrods :)


Straight up and vertical Mick!! Straight up and fricken vertical!!

It is an honor and a privileged to receive a Goldenrod from Scientology - and you GOT TWO!! :happydance::happydance::happydance::dancer::dancer::hifive::hifive::dance3::dance3::dance3::buzzin::buzzin::buzzin::giggle::giggle::giggle::sing::sing::sing::party::party::party::party::woohoo::woohoo:

It means you have a clue, you can think for yourself, you TRIED to do "something about it" and WERE SUPPRESSED BY Scientology!! The fact that you got TWO means that you really, really, really tried to "do something about it" and were Super Suppressed!!


Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

Any information you'd like to share is most appreciated! I am especially interested to know about Taiwan and if there really is any growth there or is it mostly propaganda we see in the mailings, lol

I also would love to hear hear any dirt about Narconon in Taiwan... That's my main area of focus.

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Miss Pert

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Welcome Phil!!! I'm an ex-Sydneyite too, didn't know you personally but have a vague recollection of who you are. :wave::wave::wave: